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Do you want your woman to shout out to all her friends that you are a master lover? If you do, then read on because this article will tell you super intimate details about a woman’s body that few men know about. You see, if you know your woman’s body expertly, then you’ll know which hot buttons to push to arouse maximum pleasure.

Women know that we men have two main arousal points: our penis and prostate. But do you know that women also have two major arousal points? They are her clitoris (which most of us know about), and her g-spot (which very few of us have even heard about!). Let’s focus on the latter shall we?

A woman’s g-spot is quite ‘secretive’. Few men ever try and explore her body to stimulate because they say it’s a hard quest. But we do love a challenge, right boys? And trust me, if you are able to not just find her g-spot but to hit and stimulate it with your penis during intercourse, congratulations! You’re in for a one hell of a sexual ride. And with each back-arching orgasm, you’ll women will deem you a sex god.

How to Spot the G-spot

The g-spot, named after German gynecologist Ernst Grafenbergor, is just behind her pubic bone, about a few inches up her vaginal wall. The g-spot is not very big at all but you can differentiate it by texture. It’s a bit wrinkly actually, sort of like the upper ceiling of your mouth. The reason the EXACT location is not known is because each woman is built differently. Anyway, just think about it as a ‘sexual adventure’ you need to embark on.

Here’s a tip: while inside her (using your fingers), imagine her navel positioned at 12 o’clock. Now start to ‘feel’ around this area. Somewhere between and 11 and 1 o’clock is her gspot. Mind you, the g-spot is a bit deep inside her vaginal wall and if it’s not aroused, you need to grope around a bit in the dark, so to speak. (So all the more reason to stimulate her first via foreplay before you embark on this search.)

How to Arouse the G-Spot

Assuming you’ve found her sweet, hidden nub, now what? Well, you need to stimulate it to bring her to a glorious climax of course! It’s said that the surest way to stimulate the gspot is via the doggy-style sex position. Simply put, this position puts your penis and her vaginal wall in perfect alignment. As such, with each thrust – regardless of your length – you’re bound to hit her spot with your member.

Of course, you will not find the spot this way the first time. You two need to find your ‘rhythm’. And once you do, she’ll get a kind of orgasm she never knew she could have. She will no longer ‘fake it’ or say something like “of course you were great honey” and not mean it. In fact, she may be speechless as she tries to grasp what the hell happened to her!

Before you go on exploring her with your penis, let’s take a step back. As I mentioned before, it may be hard to find the spot if she’s not aroused. You see, the g-spot is like her clitoris. If she’s aroused, it’s slightly engorged. If she’s not sexually stimulated properly, the g-spot is not so prominent. Women differ a lot from each other so your woman’s engorged g-spot can be anywhere from the size of a dime to large quarter.

However, regardless of the size, they are all the keys to unbelievable orgasms for her. But don’t take my word for it. Go and explore and find your own masterful way of stimulating her g-spot. And once you do, be prepared for a lot of groaning, grinding and screaming.

A word of caution. As a woman’s Grafenberg spot is stimulated, she may get this desire to relieve herself. The sense to pee is so strong that she may even ask you to stop what you’re doing. Well, don’t stop. Re-reassure her that what she’s feeling is natural and that she should just let herself go. (Not let herself go to pee but just allow herself to experience the stimulation.) If she just hangs on a bit more, she’ll get to experience a climax that will knock her eyeballs back into their sockets!

Tips to Find that Spot

Here are a few tips on how you can successfully find her sweet, sexual nub.

  • Ask her to lie face down. Gently part her legs. Place a small pillow underneath her groin to raise her hips.
  • Slowly – and with clean fingers! – insert your index and middle fingers inside her. Explore up her vaginal wall to find the spot. Be sure to pay attention to her expressions. As this IS a sensitive part of her, it’s important to know what things give her pleasure and which ones give her pain. As you get nearer the g-spot, you will notice that she instinctively moves her body to help you hit the spot.
  • Now reach under her and put your hand on her groin, just above her pubic hair. Push gently or raise her body gently with this hand. This outside pressure will help you locate her gspot internally even more.

As he begins to shake her head from side to side with pleasure, go into any of the sex positions advised below.

Sex Positions for G-Spot Climaxes

Position #1. On all fours.

Ask your lover to get on all fours. Gently push down on her lower back. This will make her behind lift higher. Go behind her and hold her hips in place while you enter. As you thrust, imagine that your penis should hit “12 o’clock” with each thrust. Continue this sensual pounding on her g-spot until she reaches her blinding climax.

Position #2. The upturned frog.

Ask your lover to lie on her back. Place a small pillow at the small of her back, just above her bottom. As you go into missionary position, lift her legs, and bend them at the knees until they almost reach her breasts. Again, as you thrust, aim to hit “12 o’clock”.

Position #3. Reverse woman-on-top.

Most women love woman-on-top and this is just another reason for her to love it even more. As her you mount you like a good cow girl. However, instead of facing you, she should face the other (looking at your feet). This position provides a great angle for your penis to hit her g-spot.

A word of caution. As she starts to buck wildly from her g-spot climax, be sure to hold her tightly in place so as not to cause any injury to your penis!

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