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788700 im tlo 2 A Woman’s Guide To Self StimulationA lot of women are uncomfortable dealing with their own pleasure. They may have been taught at an early age that it was wrong or ‘dirty’ somehow to enjoy physical pleasure without a partner. However, this is not the case and any woman who wants to pleasure herself should feel comfortable doing so. In other words, she shouldn’t be embarrassed about self-stimulation. What she should do, though, is get comfortable with it so that she can get the pleasure that she needs and wants. She can also use what she’s learned on her own to guide her partner, thus making the experience more pleasurable for both of them. When a woman gets involved with self stimulation, she should remember that her whole body is available to her, and she doesn’t have to focus on her vaginal area right away.

She can caress her own arms, legs, thighs, stomach, breasts, and any other areas that feel good first, so that she can heighten her arousal level and learn to approve and accept her body. There is too much emphasis today on being thin and perfect, and women need to learn to accept themselves the way that they are for maximum pleasure. Being comfortable with one’s body helps with individual pleasure and pleasure with a partner, as well. When touching her vaginal area, a woman should take time and explore herself, without feeling like she has to rush to an orgasm. Some of the strongest enjoyment is from working up to something, so it shouldn’t be rushed.

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