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1210756 hand 2 Multiple G Spot Orgasms: Can There Be Too Much Of A Good Thing?The idea of finding the G spot is one that vexes a lot of men (and quite a few women) and can make them feel inadequate or like they can’t do something correctly. Pleasing their partner is important for these men and they feel that not being able to find the G spot is a real concern. When they do locate that spot, they want to continue to bring pleasure to their partner, but they can overdo it if they keep going. Multiple orgasms can be wonderful, but they’re also very tiring and a woman can get sore and uncomfortable from over-stimulation of any area of her body. She also needs some recovery time between orgasms.

By stimulating the G spot in the right way, a woman can continue to have orgasms, and she might not actually want to do this. Usually a couple of orgasms are sufficient, and after that a woman is satisfied and doesn’t need to continue to have them. They change breathing and heart rate and they can also tighten up a lot of muscles, resulting in cramps and pain for some women. Make sure you’re listening to your partner and taking both verbal and non-verbal cues from her. If she begs you not to stop, that’s a pretty clear indication. If she seems tired or otherwise like she’s had enough, you might be better off stopping and allowing her some relaxation time before you build her up to another orgasm. You can always explore and just let her enjoy that sensation while she’s getting some rest.

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