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384110 dont lose your patience So Close Yet So Far: Patience and the G SpotWhen you’re looking for the G spot, you have to have patience. If you don’t, you can find that you and your partner are both getting frustrated and annoyed with something that’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience. If you can’t locate the G spot on your first try, or even for quite a few tries after that, you’re not alone. A lot of men and a lot of women can’t find the G spot easily, and some really never find it at all, but it is there. The idea that the G spot doesn’t exist is just a myth, so don’t let yourself become convinced that you’re looking for something that really isn’t there. You’ll find it with practice and perseverance, but you have to have the right mindset about it. Getting frustrated or upset at yourself or at your partner doesn’t make for a good experience, so looking for the G spot should be fun.

You also might not want to make it the focus of what you’re doing, because there’s so much more to explore. If you’re committed to finding the G spot and you aren’t interested in doing anything else sexually during that encounter, not finding the spot can lead to a very unsatisfying time in the bedroom. The G spot is important to some women and not so important to others, as well, so it’s not necessary for you to think that your partner won’t be pleased with you if you can’t find the spot right away, or even if you can’t find it at all.

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