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Female multiple orgasms, anyone? When you talk about the one advantage that women have over men when it comes to sex is probably the fact that they are physically capable of achieving toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasms not just once but twice, thrice or even four times. On average, it takes about 20 minutes for a woman to have an orgasm while men experience it only a fraction of the time: two to five minutes at best. Just imagine how prolonged your sexual pleasures will be if you manage to have female multiple orgasms during the nights that you will spend in bed with your significant other!

Steps on How to Have Female Multiple Orgasms

Now, the question is: are there steps that you can actually follow in order to have multiple orgasms? The answer is a resounding yes. Here, we will take a look at a few steps that you can follow in order to have multiple orgasms:

  1. Set the mood.

Nothing kills the mood more than a brightly lit room with bland décor – or a room supposedly set for seduction but with loud rock music blaring in the background. Clue your partner in on the fact that you would like to enjoy an entire night of fun rediscovering each other’s pleasures, and make sure to set the right mood for it.

Don’t be embarrassed to set the scene by using candles, or even flower petals if you’re feeling a bit romantic. Those who are into BDSM can even add some naughty props like ticklers, blindfolds and a pair of feathered handcuffs.

  1. Know what it is that turns you on and communicate your needs to your partner.

One of the most common mistakes that women make which is also the reason why they fail to reach multiple orgasms is not experimenting with what they like in the first place. If you want to experience one earth-shattering climax after another, know what turns you on by experimenting while you’re flying solo.

Using a sex toy, you can discover the pace that you like best, as well as the most sensitive parts of your nether regions which can bring you to one sexual peak after another. By familiarizing yourself with your sexual needs, you can go after what you want and work on reaching multiple orgasms with the help of your partner.

  1. It’s all about foreplay!

This is yet another mistake that most couples make: not indulging in enough foreplay and getting right in on the main event. If you want to prep yourself up to having multiple orgasms, you should make sure to extend the foreplay. It’s perfectly normal to get a head start and already reach one or two orgasms before having your partner join you in penetrative sex.

  1. Learn how to extend his pleasure and yours.

One of the best ways to extend his sexual pleasure and your own is by holding the position that you have when you first reached your sexual climax. For example, if your knees are locked behind his back when you first peaked, you can hold the position and continue moving your hips to the rhythm that you were following earlier even after your partner has already climaxed. This way, you will have more than one orgasm during penetration. Just let your mind and body go and wait for the sensations to flood you one, two or even three times more.

By following these tips on how to experience multiple female orgasms, you will wonder why you didn’t start enjoying double, triple or quadruple the pleasures earlier on in your sex life!

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