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 How to Find The G Spot

How To Find The G Spot

Where is the gspot? You’ve heard whispers about IT. Maybe you’ve even heard the woman in your life talking about it with her girlfriends. What is the G Spot? WHERE is this secret love button hidden?

Some folks say the G Spot doesn’t even exist. While others report it’s prime vagina real estate to move on with your hand, a vibrator or even your penis. Just inside a woman’s vagina the right manipulation of the g spot brings her screaming to a shattering orgasm.

Step One

How do you find it? If your lady is lying on her back, push a finger inside her vagina, and then curl it up towards her navel. Just behind her pelvic bone (about two inches inside her) is a spot that’s slightly rippled and kind of springy (some say spongy). Similar to her clitoris, this sweet spot wants pressure, teasing and stroking.

Step Two

Get her hot and wet before attempting this little number. With your fingers about two inches inside her hot, wet vagina, locate the g spot and move your fingers in even circles all around and over it in a clockwise direction. Start and don’t break a steady rotational rhythm – move your fingers in small, slow, tight circles, or point your fingers more sharply up and rock them back and forth – tapping the spot.

Step Three

Kind of like your penis, this little spot swells and hardens as she gets close to the edge. A combination technique – tracing the g spot with your fingertips, while at the same time moving them in and out, will have her riding your hand in a frenzy. Make sure that you hit the g spot on each and every rotation (it’s THAT important) and put some wrist into it. Don’t forget to stroke her clitoris and pay attention to her breasts with your other hand as you work her g spot. Then, enjoy the explosions and the rewards!

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • Always keep your nails trimmed back and your hands manicured (no hangnails, etc.,) – no vagina wants to be scratched…just petted.

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540757 anonymous Pay Attention to Your (Her) Body LanguageBody language is important in all kinds of situations, from business to social to sexual. Just like you can tell she’s unhappy if her head is cocked her arms are folded and she’s tapping her foot, you can learn to read her sexual signals so you can give her more pleasure. If she seems uncomfortable with something you’re doing, she probably is uncomfortable, and it might be time to try something else. Don’t just ask her if she’s uncomfortable, because she’s more likely to give you the answer you want to hear, instead of saying how she really feels. You don’t want that, because open and honest communication is something that you should always focus on in any relationship, and that’s true for the bedroom, as well.

You should be able to tell when you’re doing something that she really likes, too, by the way she breathes, the way she touches you, and other indications. Noises and comments are very helpful, but if she’s not one to talk or otherwise be vocal during love making, that’s not necessarily a sign that she’s not enjoying things. Some women are simply quieter than others. If your woman is one of the quiet ones, learning to read her body language can help you to bring her more pleasure and keep her happy and satisfied. The two of you should be able to talk to one another, but when you’re in the middle of a passionate encounter, asking too many questions could put a damper on the mood. It’s better to read her body language during that time, instead.

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598016 man and woman 2 The G Spot is No Silver BulletA lot of men seem to labor under the misguided impression that the G spot is some kind of Holy Grail – some kind of magic, silver bullet that would make everything perfect for their partner…if only they could find it. It can be difficult to locate, though, and can lead to frustration for both men and women who have trouble locating it. If you’re in the group of people who has trouble finding the G spot, you don’t have to despair. Some women have a very difficult time trying to have an orgasm when their G spot is stimulated and they are much more likely to have a clitoral orgasm, so finding the G spot might not even be helpful. There’s certainly no reason not to try if you and your partner want to look for it, but don’t let a lack of locating it ruin an otherwise good sex life.

Too many people put too much emphasis on the G spot and what it can or can’t do, so don’t be one of those people. Just enjoy your sex life with your partner – or on your own – whether you find the G spot or not. That way there won’t be any pressure to locate something that might not matter to you in the long run and you won’t be putting undue pressure on your partner to look for something that can prove extremely elusive. There are other, very satisfying ways to have an orgasm and women can go their entire lives, not have a G spot orgasm, and be very sexually satisfied.

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