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Ease of Use

The Jack Rabbit and other vibrators were developed in Japan where it was illegal to create sex toys that were any way shaped to resemble male genitalia.

Superior Craftsmanship

The craftsman of Japan picked one of the most loved and approachable animals, the rabbit, and designed this toy to resemble that little animal.

That practice still continues and these vibrators have earned themselves a plethora of fans around the globe. These little vibrators are unique in design and very recognizable.

They have developed a strong following and have received rave reviews including the review from Playboy naming it the best vibrator on the market.

Superior Stimulation

For many women sex, even masturbation, can be less than gratifying because their g-spot may be hard to locate and or hard to stimulate.

The Jack Rabbit has been receiving rave reviews for its ability to stimulate even the hardest to find g-spots.

  • It twists until the g-spot is located, then you can set the controls to vibrate continuously in that position until climax is achieved.
  • The rotating shaft is helped by the beads dancing within the lower portion as they gently stimulate the clitoris.
  • Add the bunny ears to this and you have an explosive orgasm coming your way.

This device has multiple intensity controls and is powerful enough, you may never reach the full intensity it is capable of delivering.

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Power, this is the word for the Rabbit Vibrator, those little ears can make your clit dance beneath them.

It is equipped with at seven inch shaft so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the rabbit ears are actually going to be able to be in contact with your clit.

Everything is in the base of the vibrator so you don’t have to search around for such things as the controller or the battery compartment. Once the vibrator is inserted, the control buttons are in the best position for use.

This well thought out little device is very functional, while the rabbit ears provide constant stimulation, the pearls swirl about within the shaft and the head rotates.

  • On setting two, the rabbit ears move to intermittent vibrations to tease your clit while the head rotates clockwise and then counter clockwise and the pearls twirl. During all of this, the intensity of the rabbit ears and the rotation of the shaft is completely controllable by you.
  • On function three, the rabbit ears switch to a series of short quick pulses while the pearls swirl in a dizzying dance and the head sways.

You can control all these functions with the easy reach buttons. With all this activity, you would expect the Rabbit to be noisy but your expectation will be wrong, it’s discretely quiet.

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Ease of Use

click here to visit blue1 Wild G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

The Wild G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, like all Rabbit Vibrators has been designed from the top down for ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. When creating the Wild G, Rabbits pleasure specialists through convention out the window and set out to make something uniquely different.

The Rabbit Vibrators have always been known for their unique construction of soft Jelly, with a firm inside that let’s you be rough, while still enjoying a soft touch. The Wild G’s enlarged tip moves around in a circular motion deep inside the vagina for excellent g-spot stimulation.

The middle of the Wild G is clear, and has rotating pleasure beads to massage the outer labia. These beads rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise. Switching rotational directions is as easy as pushing a button conveniently located in the middle of the control pad.

The “Rabbit Ears” that the vibrator is named after are mounted on an ample sized bullet vibrator. All three rabbit ears receive plenty of vibrations and are sure to work great on any anatomy.

The variable speeds for both vibration and rotation are easily changed using the vibrators control pad, and since there are lighted indicators, you’ll never be confused about which setting it was that you were enjoying so much.


  • Soft jelly construction is very pleasurable to use, and equally pleasurable to clean. Soap and water of toy cleaner work great. Since the Wild G is waterproof, there is no problem submersing it in soapy water.
  • The unique form of the Wild G is unlike any other vibrator available, including the traditional rabbit.
  • The rotational reversal of the interior beads is a phenomenal way to maintain sensitivity so you don’t become numb to over stimulation.
  • The triple prong bunny ears on the Wild G make it just as good at stimulating the clitoris as the G spot.


  • The vibrators size (6½ inches long and 1½ inches wide) intimidates some people that may not have experience with sex toys. Despite the size, the toy is quite easy for the beginner to use, and should not deter anyone.
  • The three double A batteries that power the Wild G, like other Rabbit products, are not rechargeable.

Video Demonstration of the Wild G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

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