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The Rock Chick – What a Toy!

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A few years ago I split with my man. He was an asshole, and completely and utterly useless in bed! To him the G-Spot was simply another reason for women to complain about men, and he was among the many men on this planet who denied its very existence. His arrogance eventually caused me to leave him for various reasons, and not all of them related to his denial of the G-Spot.

So, as you can imagine, even though he was useless in bed, I began to miss the spontaneity of sexual positions and stimulation whenever I could get it. I was sexually frustrated and ready for a little action in the bedroom, or to put it quite frankly, I needed a good fuck and a lovely orgasm. I’ve got a few vibes and toys in my drawers, but they didn’t really take me to any new heights of sexual pleasure, and I was beginning to feel like I was a little emotionally and sexually dead below the waist!

Well, like all good stories there was a happy ending, and although I’m not usually into the blatant advertising thing, I simply had to submit this about The Rock Chick. I was put onto it by a rather sexually frank friend of mine who sells sex toys and aids of various design (this is where I got all my other stuff from), and she gave me a free one as a trial; she said that I needed it more than her and she needed to see how good it was before she decided to sell it.

What you need to know is that it works right? Let me tell you it’s good alright, and it certainly works. The first time i put this in my vagina and moved on it in the “rocking” movement that gives it the name Rock Chick, it hit the G-Spot without any problems at all. I literally froze in the middle of my rocking as the orgasm ripped through me lie a twister through a corn field! I couldn’t quite believe the effect to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve hit my g spot before, but never like this; never so intensely! In fact when i think about that first time with the Rock Chick i am more inclined to believe that it was perhaps more the shock that it had actually worked than anything else that got me so excited. Now, even though I’ve had my initial experience the experience is pretty much the same, i can’t keep it on the g-spot for long without twitching and climaxing. Hell, the whole thing is just so exhausting, and the best sex I’ve ever had.

It works by using a little bullet shaped thing that holds the batter (included by the way), and you stick the bullet in the end and cover it with the Rock Chick. When you switch the bullet on it sends it’s lovely vibrations from the g-spot end of the vibrator, all the way to the pad that sits over your clitoris when you’re rocking. This way you get vibrating power throughout the whole device, and this is seriously awesome. I remember thinking that when i first inserted the Rock Chick that it was amazing how I got my clit stimulated at the same time as I rocked with it pushing my g-spot.

You can tell that i wasn’t expecting much from the Rock Chick because I’d made plans to go out with my friends that evening. Well, let me tell you that I’ve never once called off a night out with the girls, and i didn’t on this occasion either, but the Rock Chick came out in my purse for a little journey too. I am completely addicted to climaxing with the Rock Chick and i don’t think I’ll be able to do it in the same way with anything else; well i suppose it doesn’t matter as long as i have enough batteries! This toy is my new lover, and it doesn’t cost me a six pack of beer every night and an argument!

So i’m obliged to give you the lowdown on what you’re actually getting if (or more like when) you get your lucky hands of this sexy little device. The Rock Chick comes with the following:

  • One Rock Chick personal massager
  • One vibrating bullet (the thing that gives it the buzz it needs!), and you’re battery is included folks!
  • One wipe (for cleaning)
  • Rock Chick lubricant
  • Rock Chick Cleaner

If you’re not happy with your Rock Chick then you seriously must be dead from the waist down girls, and if you didn’t believe in the g spot, think again; it’s there and it’s yours for the taking.

click here to visit blue1 When I Discovered The Rock Chick

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The Jimmyjane Form 6 personal massager is the only rechargeable vibrating massager currently on the market that is water resistant to one meter.

You really probably shouldn’t take this little device on your next snorkeling adventure, but it can make your showering experience a whole lot more pleasurable than showering alone can do.

  • This versatile little device is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand while also conforming to the contours of the body.
  • This unit can perform the function of a sexual stimulator, but it is also perfectly capable of working in the capacity of a normal massage device that can point massage muscles in order to relax them and coax them into releasing impurities through increasing blood flow.
  • The contours of this unit are so smooth and flowing that it lends itself to use in just about any orientation.
  • Being fully submersible means that it can bring a whole new level of enthusiasm to bubble bath time as well as giving bedtime a whole new level of desirability.

The build and versatility of this little unit means that it can go just about anywhere you do.

It’s quiet and powerful, reliable, easy to use and easy to keep clean. It comes with its own carrying case to keep it protected and discreet. This little device is quite able to pleasure either gender to different extents.

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Whether male of female, if you are looking at the prospect of purchasing your first massager, you may want to get some expert advice. What you are looking for in stimulation will have a large effect on which product will be right for you.

By talking to an expert that is knowledgeable in the features of the different vibrators, you will cut down your research time and you will also cut down your chances of purchasing a unit that doesn’t perform the way you want it to.

Don’t make the mistake of letting embarrassment keep you from exploring exactly what you want.

There is nothing wrong or shameful about wanting your own personal massager. Sexual gratification isn’t only a wonderful feeling; it is also good for the health of your body.

There are a multitude of massagers out on the market and with the lack of experience, it will be hard to differentiate between the quality ones and the ones that are not all that well made. Reviews will give you a lot of information as far as the performance abilities of the devices and will also give you an idea as to which ones are of higher quality.

This can cut your decisions down by a large amount but when it comes right down to the final decision, you may want to hedge your bet a little by talking to someone that can listen to your desires and steer you in the right direction for the unit that will perform in a manner consistent with your desires.

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