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When I first saw the Lelo Gigi I thought it was the handset from a cordless telephone! I suppose you could pretend to be talking on the phone if someone walked in the room and caught you playing with it; although it might be a little difficult to explain why it’s between your legs, unless of course you do talk out of your ass!

53a34bcc89503edef7f4652d366b60d0 Lelo Gigi

The Lelo Gigi was a gift to me from a very old friend who sadly moved away. She was not only my friend, she was also my occasional lover, and before she left she had introduced me to the Lelo Gigi very nicely; and now I have my own I couldn’t be happier.

Of course when I got my Gigi through the post with the lovely little note from my old friend I new exactly what to do with it. I remember my friend and lover introducing me to my g spot for the very first time with this contraption. This is the primary reason that the Gigi is shaped like the handset from a telephone, just for the purpose of stimulating the g-spot, which it does so with some success! When I first felt the excitement from the g spot it was like a wave of pure energy washing over my body. I’ve heard my husband talk about when I masturbate him when he’s relaxed, that sometimes as he approaches his orgasm he feels it build in his fingers and toes before his climax shudders through his body and centres around the tip of his cock. Well this must be pretty similar because I felt my climax building from regions of my body that I never even knew had any feelings, and when I finally did come to the end of this enormous climax my body shuddered and I continued to shake as though i’d just been through childbirth again. There really is no other way to describe the g spot, and I would imagine that it’s pretty different for everyone else.

To play with my Lelo Gigi is to remember that time, every time it comes out of its stylish little case. This is a sex toy that I don’t use with my husband because it still has that sentimental, and very sexy secret attached to it; although if my husband did know i’m pretty sure he’d be impressed and probably want a threesome. Sadly for him, this is not what I want.

So now I get it out virtually everyday when he’s gone to work. It’s a rechargable vibe so I can plug it in overnight behind my dressing table where he’ll never look, and in the morning it’s ready with hours of charge time for me to weaken myself with. I take it out the case and caress the soft, silicone shaft of the Gigi and rub the palm of my hand over its flattened g spot stimulator; it’s all almsot like a ritual with me now, every time I play with myself. Then I lube up a little (although lately this barely seems necessary due to the fact I am alread wet just thinking about it) and lay back on my bed ready to play. I like to switch it on first and feel the wobbling and vibrating in my hand before I insert it; I find it much more erotic like this, and it has five different speeds too that allow me to build my anticipation nicely. I sometimes run it up and down my leg and across my nipples too, so that I am literally busting to push it inside.

Once inside me the orgasms keep on coming (no pun intended), and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have work to do duing the day, and places to go, I would quite literally stay there in the bedroom from the moment my husband leaves, to the moment he returns.

The Lelo Gigi is:

  • 6.5″ of lovely Lelo Gigi length
  • Made of plastic and silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • A G-Spot Vibrator

This is not a toy anyone would regret buying, it has to be one of Lelo’s best creations to date.

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