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The most common group of activities on the Net involves sex. Are you a statistic?

At any given moment — including this second — millions of modems are swaying together in a worldwide virtual orgy. People are flirting in chat rooms, looking at nude photos, buying vibrators and masturbating online.

People participate in cybersex for different reasons. For some it provides an opportunity to experiment with new things — sharing fantasies, asking for something desired, using words like penis and vulva. Some seize the chance to see themselves through a new lover’s eyes, and hope to be reassured that they’re not frigid or kinky.

While some people can take or leave cybersex, others can’t keep away from it, typing at 3 a.m. in secret, trying to get off without waking the mister or missus. They rarely address their problem until they’ve been confronted, shamed and threatened with the loss of love — and even then they can’t always stop.

Some people love online from necessity. Cybersex does give America’s misfits a place to rehearse human connection, preparing them to actually meet someone. But by supporting withdrawal from real people, cybersex invites some loners further into their isolation. If engineers and accountants are going to reproduce someday, this isn’t good.

So, is any of this online heavy breathing really sex? The question’s important because it challenges our belief that sex is easily defined and understood. It makes us re-think how cybersex feels and why we do it.

Why do you do it? How does it feel to you?

An activity is sex if you share erotic energy. In that respect, of course cybersex is sex. Does it break a vow of monogamy? Well, if your contract is “no intercourse with anyone else,” no. But most monogamous contracts are “no sharing sexual energy with anyone else.” In that respect, a hand on the keyboard is like a hand on the knee. You’re busted.

The challenge of understanding cybersex is one step in humanity’s long erotic evolution. If it pushes us to better understand sex, on or off the Internet, then our soul-less, desire-less machines will have served our lust well.

Many people adopt alternative persona online; that 19-year-old girl in hot pants may actually be a Hulk Hogan look-alike.

Remember, the record of your computer activity can be read by experts, even if you don’t know how to do it.

If you keep making cyber choices you later regret, see a therapist.

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Most people in long-term relationships agree to be sexually exclusive. And then there are swingers.

When couples get sexually involved with other couples, it’s known as “swinging.” While this may sound like something out of the 60s or a thing the Californians cooked up, statistics say otherwise.

There are some 5 million Americans involved in swinging, in every part of the country and every age group. There are swingers’ clubs, magazines, conventions, even cruises. If you and your mate want to swing, you can find playmates easier than you might think.

“If” — is the key question. So how do you and your mate decide if swinging is a good idea for you?

Swinging is an adventure that can have both thrilling payoffs and terrible consequences. Swinging is not something people should get into if they’re angry at each other, or their relationship is dying. And while swinging may make life more enjoyable, it won’t make it simpler. The swinging life is more complicated, with more relationships to manage, more emotions to process, and more decisions to consider.

That said, most swingers are pretty enthusiastic. In addition to the obvious charm of having additional sex partners, many couples report that knowing about or seeing their partner having sex with others revs up the sexual energy within the couple. Sex therapists agree that’s something a lot of people are looking for.

To navigate the complexities of swinging, couples need trust, communication skills, genuine affection for each other, and a sense of humor. If you have plenty of each, you can consider moving forward.

Fantasize about your mate being sexual with someone in the next room; if you have to grit your teeth, forget it. But if that seems exciting, imagine and talk about it while you’re making love together: “and he’d be kissing your breasts, wouldn’t he, and I bet you’d be loving that, wouldn’t you…” If, and only if, this heats you both up, you can consider proceeding.

Most of all, you have to be really good at predicting your reaction to things. After all, you can stop swinging if you don’t like it. Forgetting what you’ve seen or felt, however, is a lot harder.

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  • Some couples go to swing clubs and only have sex with each other, enjoying the voyeurism and exhibitionism.
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More on swinging:
Some couples go to swing clubs and only have sex with each other, enjoying the voyeurism and exhibitionism.
STD rates are lower among swingers than in the general population.


Spice it up without swinging:
Get the buzz on adult toys.
Catch some porn.
Try some erotic role-playing.
Lubricants: a lover’s best friend.

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9dd7940a5aa42ed016239810e7bb4be1 How To Find The Clitoris

How To Find The Clitoris

The clitoris the only sex organ on the human body that serves only the purpose of pleasure.   It is small, almost like a peanut, and it’s located on the outside of the vagina at the top of the vaginal lips.  The clitoris is usually hidden under a small hood of skin, except for when the female is sexually aroused, in which case the clitoris enlarges and pushes itself free of this skin.

What does it do?

Well the clitoris is the most likely place that, when stimulated, will cause a woman to reach orgasm.  It is usually easier to achieve a clitoral orgasm as opposed to a G-Spot orgasm; this is particularly so in younger women, whose vaginal wall is thicker, thus making the G-Spot area less sensitive.

How to Stimulate the Clitoris

There are several ways in which the clitoris can be stimulated in order to achieve orgasm, and it’s usually best to try them all and see which ones suit you best.  Most women like all of the below:

  • Clitoral stimulation with the finger (or fingers) – A mixture of soft and hard pressure will do the trick here.
  • Clitoral stimulation with the tongue (or cunnilingus) -  Get your partner to stimulate your clitoris with his or her tongue.  This is often best done with just the tip of the tongue, but greater pressure is often welcomed as the orgasm approaches.
  • Clitoral stimulation with the penis -  If you can get your partner to hold off inserting his penis all the way into you then it might be nice for him to gently rub the end of it on your clitoris to increase the sexual intensity and pleasure for both of you.  He can also stimulate you better during intercourse if you both find a position where you can get pressure on your clitoris.

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