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Foreplay begins not when you start caressing each other, but earlier — as soon as you begin thinking about each other. The brain is the body’s biggest sexual organ. Use it to arouse your whole day.

Call your partner during the day of your “date” and tell her how much you like her body. Talk dirty a little.

For women, self-esteem is crucial, Blank says. If you’re confident enough to not have any negative feelings about your body, you’re one of a tiny minority. Women need to know that they’re sexy.

Some men like to know that their mate is wearing sexy underwear all day; it heightens their anticipation.

Ask her one day over dinner what turns her on. It could be as simple as candlelight, or as involved as her pretending to be the sea captain and you her galley slave. Whatever. Then, another day, make her fantasy come true. Women enjoy sex much more when you properly set the mood.

Personally, I feel more comfortable making love if I’ve had a shower. I feel better about my body if I know it doesn’t smell of sweat, and I prefer my partner to be clean too. Any time we travel, we look for a place with a hot tub.

But this is (ba-da-dum) personal taste. The French believe that body odor is crucial to sex, as evidenced by the famous telegraph from Napoleon to Josephine: “I will be arriving in Paris tomorrow evening. Don’t wash.”

Ah, those French, they’ll eat anything. One last point about scheduling: don’t limit yourself to the evening. Men are more easily aroused, and have more energy, in the morning. Consider breakfast in bed next weekend; food is optional.


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