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VigRX and Vimax are herbal supplements that help men improve sexual performance, particularly with the problematic aspects of sex like erection intensity and maintenance throughout lovemaking, penis length, penis girth, and control of premature ejaculation.

Both supplements have been growing in popularity over the years because of two reasons: mode of acquisition and effectiveness.

First of all, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy these supplements. Unlike prescription drugs like viagra or cialis, these herbal supplements can be bought by adult males even without the doctor’s consent. However, I suggest you ask your doctor about possible allergic reactions to the herbal ingredients.

Main Effects

These herbal supplements contain substances from plants that can improve blood flow to the penis during sex. These herbal drugs (also known as herbal aphrodisiacs) help improve your over-all health, not just your sexual health, but admittedly, your main goal is to improve your circulation so that it directly affects the way you make love.


Vimax contains extracts from Gingko biloba, a traditional herb that is commonly used for improving blood circulation. In ancient times, this herb was said to be the cure-all for most human diseases. Vimax also contains saw palmetto, ginseng, horny goat weed, and cayenne fruit essences.

VigRX ingredients include extracts from the damiana plant (Turnera aphrodisiaca), Tribulus terrestris, ginseng plants and other herbs with similar effects on vasodilatation and blood flow. The herbs in Vig-RX have also been traditionally used for improving athletic and sexual performance.

The most recent version of Vigrx contains bioperine (a substance extracted from Piper nigrum), which supposedly improves the body’s absorption of all the other herbal ingredients. The addition of bioperine in Vigrx is said to be a breakthrough in the formulation because the additional ingredient shortens the ‘waiting time’ for the effects to become obvious.


Like other vitamins, one pill a day should be enough. However, VigRX and Vimax retailers recommend that taking one pill twice a day can improve your sexual prowess more.


Vimax costs 59 USD per bottle, and each bottle contains 30 pills. VigRX costs 76.99 USD per box, and box contains enough pills to last for one month. Discounts are offered when you order multiple bottles or boxes.

Long-Term Effects

Both Vimax and Vigrx improve the girth and length of your penis when you have an erection, but only Vimax claims that the effect will extend even when you are not using the drug anymore (is “forever” long enough for you?).

The mechanism of erection maintenance has something to do with the way blood suffuses the spongy cavity inside your penis. If these drugs work as they claim, the blood flow to your penis is stronger, making it look a lot bigger than normal. Of course, when your erection is gone, the limp penis still has the same dimensions.

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Here’s another benefit of education: If you went to college, you’re twice as likely, compared to high-school dropouts, to enjoy oral sex.

Don’t underestimate the importance of going down. Married men will pay strangers if they’re not getting oral sex at home; it’s estimated that 75 percent of New York City streetwalkers’ business is fellatio.

While men love it, many women need it. A survey of Army wives in happy marriages showed they could reach orgasm through intercourse only 25 percent of the time, but with cunnilingus, it’s 81 percent. So be all that you can be!

Just as with gifts, being a good recipient will pay off in the long run. If your partner wants you to bathe first (I always do), do it, without protesting about the importance of natural aroma. Making love is not about scoring political points — it’s about making each other happy.

Here are more tips for giving and getting. Your relationship may depend on it more than you realize.


Women sometimes complain that men don’t know what women like. There’s a good reason.

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage recently ran a series of letters from women describing what turned them on, and each had somebody directly contradict them. Some women want their clitoris sucked; others say it hurts.

Some women enjoy a tongue in their labia; others feel violated. Some women like men to hum the alphabet song while licking their clitoris in the shape of the letters; others think that’s childish and a turnoff, even if you can sing it in French.

What struck me about these letters was how many wrote “it’s good” rather than “I like.” It seems women don’t always realize their personal preference is just that.

This does not mean you shouldn’t have cunnilingus just the way you like it. However, you can’t expect your mate to know how that is. Nor, perhaps, do you even know how what’s best yourself.

There may be some exciting new technique you haven’t even tried that will revolutionize your sex life. Happy experimenting.

Don’t go straight for the genitals.

Many women find a direct clitoral assault physically painful. Kiss a bit and stroke the inner thighs first.

Get comfortable, both of you.

I like to be on my back when I’m performing cunnilingus, with a pillow or two under my head for neck support. I hate it when she’s on her back, but some women like the feel of the man kneeling before her. However, remember that if you ask your partner to do something that makes them uncomfortable, they’re not likely to volunteer often.

One more point — some nights women just don’t feel like getting head, even if they ordinarily enjoy it. If she says no twice and tries to push you away, believe her.

Hum while you lick and suck.

This turns your mouth into a vibrator. However, never blow air into the vagina — pregnant women have died from embolisms.

Ladies, moan loudly when you like something.

Don’t be shy about giving him direct instructions on where to lick, either. If you don’t tell him, he won’t know.


Conventional wisdom says fellatio is easier to get right than cunnilingus. There’s a barroom joke that goes, “I just had the worst blow job of my life. It was great.”

But Shere Hite reported that slightly more women can reach orgasm through oral sex than men. Most men like fellatio as foreplay, but as gay men with sore jaws will tell you, it’s not so easy to make it the final act.

Fortunately, men’s preferences are far more predictable in receiving oral sex than women’s. These tips will help pleasure most guys, presumably even Hugh Grant.

Keep your word, men.

If you promise not to come in her mouth, keep your promise. Otherwise, you may have traded hours of pleasurable fellatio foreplay for hours of apologizing and begging her to give you another chance.

If she doesn’t like the taste of semen, you can improve it through your diet. Pineapple juice is the most famous tonic. I drank a quart of this one afternoon and my partner, who wasn’t happy about participating in this experiment even for journalistic purposes, said it gave a pleasant enough citrus flavor that she was willing to try it again with different juices. (“Maybe mango next,” she said.) That’s a small price to pay, boys.

Pretend it’s a surprisingly warm popsicle.

Don’t be shy about handling the penis. You can save yourself a lot of gagging by gripping the base firmly and concentrating your mouth on the head and top of the shaft.

Men like it when you lick the shaft, and particularly when you lick the frenulum — a small strip of skin just below the head on the underside.

However, there’s no substitute for taking it in your mouth and just sucking. If you can lick while you’re doing it, even better. Pressure, motion and moisture will drive most men to distraction.

Try some additional flavoring.

Altoids got a great advertising boost when people began telling about sucking the mints at the same time they were giving fellatio. It’s an interesting change of pace — try it.

Other worthwhile experiments: hold a small ice cube in your mouth, or take occasional sips of hot tea.

Love me, love my Johnson.

Men place an enormous amount of personal value on their penis. If you love your man, think of his penis the same way — as an embodiment of him, who you’re making deliriously happy.

The best head I’ve ever received has depended not on technique, but on feeling: I feel like she really enjoyed doing it. Learn to feel this, or fake it convincingly, and you’ll have your partner glaze-eyed in no time.


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Women have sex more often after hysterectomy.

Women’s sex lives improve dramatically after hysterectomy, say authors of a two-year study at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Contrary to conventional wisdom, many women enjoy increased sexual desire, have stronger and more frequent orgasms and experience less pain during intercourse after hysterectomy.

“We realize that our findings may be controversial,” says Dr. Kristen Kjerulff, associate professor of epidemiology and main investigator for the study. “The common perception has been that hysterectomy leads to sexual problems, but our evidence shows the opposite.”

The study published in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association surveyed 1,300 women between the ages of 35 and 50 over a two-year period. The women were interviewed before their hysterectomies, after the surgery, and five times during the two years. They were asked how often they had sex, about the frequency and strength of orgasm, and whether or not they experienced discomfort associated with vaginal dryness.

The Findings:

  • The number of women having sex at least five times a month increased by 10 percent.
  • After surgery, 72 percent said they had orgasms, compared to 63 percent before surgery.
  • The percentage of women reporting strong orgasms increased from 45 percent before hysterectomy to 57 percent after surgery.
  • The number of women experiencing painful intercourse dropped form 40 percent before hysterectomy to 15 percent two years later.
  • Least improved was vaginal dryness. The number without vaginal dryness rose from 37 percent before hysterectomy to 46 percent after surgery, and 35 percent who had dryness before the hysterectomy showed no measurable improvement.

Authors of the study believe hysterectomy provides relief from pain during sex and in turn restores desire and improves overall health.

A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus that also can be accompanied by removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The leading cause is uterine fibroids, benign tumors that develop in the uterus.

Almost 600,000 women in the United States undergo hysterectomies every year. Dr. Kjerulff says a small percentage of women suffer sexual problems after hysterectomy. “Some women were worse off and we don’t want to forget those women, but for the vast majority of patients, negative symptoms were unusual.”

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