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There’s no consensus on how successful Viagra will be in perking up women’s sex lives. Although studies show it can increase vaginal lubrication and genital blood flow, some doctors point out these are not the typical complaints of sexually dissatisfied women.

Lack of desire, rather than sexual dysfunction, is the most common grievance of women with lackluster sex lives. Viagra won’t do anything about making a ho-hum mate in frayed underwear seem red-hot irresistible.

Does this mean we should just say no to the little blue pill even before it makes its debut? Not if you speak to women who have participated in pilot trials of the drug and say they have experienced their first orgasm in years. But you should keep these points in mind first:

  • Viagra for women has the same potential adverse effects as it has for men. Minor side effects include stuffy nose, headaches and a blue tinge to the vision. But for women who are taking nitrates for heart conditions, the consequences may include severely lowered blood pressure, heart attack and even death.
  • Viagra may be very helpful to postmenopausal women who cannot take estrogen to increase vaginal lubrication. Similarly, it may help women whose vaginal dryness is related to such conditions as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as certain antidepressants.
  • Viagra must be avoided by women who have not ruled out future pregnancies. Pregnant rats given Viagra were found to give birth to blind babies.


  • Viagra may improve sexual functioning, but it cannot boost desire.
  • Women taking Viagra may experience the same side effects as men. These include headaches and blue tinge to vision. In women taking nitrates,
  • Viagra can cause heart conditions.
  • Viagra may be helpful to women whose vaginal dryness is related to diabetes, high blood pressure and certain antidepressants.
  • Viagra should be avoided by women who have not ruled out future pregnancies.

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