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Lubricants are just about a lover’s best friend.

Lubricants make intercourse easier, help maximize pleasure, are essential for hand jobs and keep condoms from tearing.

They’re especially helpful in a variety of situations. For example, as women get older, their natural lubrication becomes thinner, and there’s often less of it. Similarly, medications such as birth-control pills and antihistamines can make it harder to lubricate.

When playing rough, tiny genital tears can be prevented with a lubricant. During menstruation, tampons often absorb everything — lubrication as well as menstrual flow — so again, it’s lube to the rescue. And for many men, masturbating without a lubricant is like, uh, an awfully dry hand stroking a dry penis. Not only is this less interesting, it can actually hurt.

Today, your supermarket carries more brands of lubricants than brands of milk. Each one is slightly different, varying in consistency, smell or germ-fighting ingredients. It can be lots of fun to buy a bunch of lubes and discover which you like best. Flavored? Odorless? Bacteriocidal?

It’s all a matter of individual preference, with one exception — oil and latex do not mix. An oil-based lubricant will destroy condoms, so use only water-soluble products with them. This is also good advice for any lube that goes inside the vagina or anus — use something that’s easy to wash out with soap and water.

Some people resist using a lubricant because they feel that lubes represent a failure — either his failure to excite her enough, or her failure to produce enough. This is an unfortunate attitude.

A woman’s lubrication is a function of many things, only one of which is her excitement. Her lubrication is never a measure of her or her partner’s competence. Indeed, experienced lovers use lubricants regardless of what a woman produces on her own. They appreciate the variety, the ease of use and the sheer playfulness of the stuff.

In fact, people have been known to enjoy playing around with their hands, genitals and lubricant so much, they forget to have intercourse. It happens, although I’ve never heard anyone complain.


  • Put some lube inside a condom to create a tighter fit, and to increase the sensations of body heat.
  • Take out and open the lube before you get too involved in sex.
  • We use lubricants to enhance sexual pleasure, not because someone has failed.

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Whether they’ve been asking questions or not, it’s time to talk with your kids about sexuality. That means talking about gender, reproduction, bodies, feelings, changes, and, of course, sex — with self or with a partner.

Regardless of their age, they’re ready. Are you?

When talking to your kids about sexuality, your goal should be far more ambitious than preventing premarital sex or pregnancy. Besides, it will be more difficult to get those messages across without first establishing values and ongoing communication.

Talking to your kids about sexuality prepares them for future relationships, and arms them with accurate information. It also allows you to help shape their sexual values and decision-making, encouraging them to think clearly about sexuality.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Here are four ways to approach your kids about sex:

  1. Show you’re askable.
  2. Never punish them for asking questions. It’s fine to say, “I don’t know” or “That’s personal, I don’t like talking about that.” But angrily demanding, “Why do you want to know?” or declaring: “Only a bad girl asks questions like that,” sends a message that sexual concerns are unacceptable to you.

  3. Teach that sex is OK.
  4. Teaching kids to fear sex or its consequences creates adults who fear sex or its consequences. Besides, instilling guilt and shame in kids doesn’t reliably discourage behavior you disapprove of. On the other hand, teaching young people to treat sex with respect, and that their bodies are precious, encourages them to behave responsibly.

  5. Teach values.
  6. Don’t hesitate to share the principles by which you live — kids want that. Just make sure that you label them as values rather than fact. Talk about what you believe or what makes you feel good. Of course, this requires that you talk about sex as a normal part of life, perhaps the most important message of all.

  7. Teach decision-making skills.
  8. Regardless of their age, what kids need most of all is decision-making skills. This is especially true when they’re dealing with peer pressure, feeling they’re in love or have been using alcohol. When you aren’t there to tell them what to do, they need to know how to make healthy choices for themselves.

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Ease of Use

click here to visit blue1 JimmyJane Form 6 Review

Here is a review of Form 6, one of the more expensive luxury vibrators from Jimmyjane. Priced at 185 USD, it is one of the high end vibrators that are more cost effective than others.

JimmyJane Form 6 JimmyJane Form 6 Review

The company obviously did not scrimp on the materials used to create this toy, as well as on the motor quality. The craftsmanship of the Form 6 is one of the main reasons for the price. There is no protruding seam line that might interfere with user experience or cause lacerations. The material used is phthalate-free silicon, which simply means you don’t have to worry about toxic materials (usually found in plastic dildos) getting transferred on your skin while you’re using this toy.

The name itself (“Form”) indicates that it belongs to the Pleasure for the People series of sex toys with unique designs and functions. The Form 6 is one of the vibrators in the series meant for penetration.

Let’s start with what I like about it.

Curved Design

Like all the other sex toys in the series, Form 6 is waterproof and rechargeable. The design is classic, but unique in its own way. It measures 7 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter (around the widest point), which is the perfect length for an insertable vibrators. The whole length is divided into two parts, a long end and a short one. Each end is rounded and smooth to the touch.

The body is firm enough to provide pleasure, but it’s not so hard that you feel discomfort when you insert either the short or the long end. The curve in the short end of the body is for a specific function, which is to stimulate the g spot.

It’s curved for ergonomic handling, which means you’re not likely to sprain your hand just by using this for over an hour. One of the reasons the Form 6 is popular is that there is no battery door or jack to avoid anywhere on the body of the vibrator, which is a problem for other vibrators. Every inch of the Form 6 is smooth and supple.

Twin Motors

One motor can create vibrations that are strong enough to rock your world, so you can just imagine the kind of vibrations that two motors will produce. Each motor is positioned uniquely inside the two opposing ends of the Form 6.

Each motor has its own set of controls, which means you can turn off one or the other if you want to. You can also turn on both motors if you don’t want to fiddle with the controls in the middle of your masturbation or love making. The battery life can extend for more than four hours (up to six hours if fully charged), which means this is the toy to bring with you when you plan on having marathon sex with your partner.

The quality of vibrations produced by the two motors differs. The motor located in the smaller end provides standard surface vibrations, much like the ones you will find in massagers and other clitoral stimulators. The fast and nimble motor in the smaller end makes this end the ideal one to use if you want quicker orgasms. The motor in the long end provides pulsing vibrations ideal for penetration.

How to Use the Form 6

This vibrator is one of the most versatile among the Form models. One of the best ways to use it is to position the small end near the mound of the vagina (the hairy part) and simply let the long end naturally rest on the entrance of the vagina, around the area of the inner lips. This works well especially if you have both motors running.

If you’re looking for a strong g spot orgasm, it’s easy. All you need to do is insert the smaller end and grind the tip around the general area of your g spot. You can turn off the motor in the long end so that you can grip it comfortably while you manipulate the smaller end. The curve of the Form 6 makes finding the g spot easier. The curved shape provides the “come hither” position that most experts recommend for finding the elusive g spot.

So, Is It Worth the Price?

The only real issue I have with the Form 6 is its price. For the same price, a person can buy one decent dildo and a clitoral stimulator that can provide the same vibration intensity. But I still think the Form 6 is worth the purchase because it’s an all-purpose vibrator that I expect will last for a long time. Moreover, it comes in a discreet covered case that doubles as the charging base.

click here to visit blue1 JimmyJane Form 6 Review

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