The male G-spot isn’t at all difficult to find, it just takes a little time and a little patience.

  • Laying down flat on the back is the best position for the man to be in whether he is trying to locate the G spot or his partner is.
  • If the man is doing it and is having trouble with reach, sliding a couple of pillows under your bottom will lift your hips enough to remove that issue.
  • Once the man is totally comfortable, then start by gently massaging the area around the anus. Most men enjoy the feeling this produces and are not likely to complain any.
  • Once that area is relaxed enough, lubricate your index finger and very gently apply pressure to the anus, keep things slow and gentle as you enter the canal.
  • The man should take care to relax the sphincter muscle as much as possible.

The Male G spot is a small, chestnut sized bump that is about two inches from the entry point.

You should have no trouble realizing you found your target area by the reactions you receive. From there, stimulation techniques vary and will depend on the reactions you receive. Pay close attention to the responses and you will be able to narrow down the techniques that work. The main thing is to be patient and gentle as you are in a very sensitive area.

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This toy is pure heft at 1.5 pounds of stainless surgical steel wrapped pleasure. The trouble with many fixed curve vibrators is that the curve isn’t correct.

This isn’t true with the Pure Wand, as it allows you to easily lay back and still get it into the correct position to come into contact with the G-spot for stimulation.

The real nice thing about this particular toy is it doesn’t look like a sex toy at all. There is nothing in it’s shape that is remotely reminiscent of male gentiles.

It is a sleek shiny instrument of pleasure that comes in its own ‘jewelry’ box.

  • The device has two different size bulbous ends so you can choose which one performs best, it is made of metal so it won’t bend and certainly won’t break.
  • The weight of the device comes into play literally when you are interacting with it, making it much easier to get the sensations you desire with a minimal of pressure.
  • Because it is rigid, you don’t have to keep trying to maneuver it into position while it flexes.
  • Where you move it is exactly where it is going to go.
  • This is a precise little device that is fully capable of providing the stimulation you desire, it is non porous so it’s easy to clean and the shape of it gives you basically a handle to move it around with.

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The final decision on which are the five best would have a lot to do with the form and function the purchaser is looking for.

  • There are vibrators that are made to be held while stimulating and those that are meant to be fully inserted.
  • There are vibrators that are meant to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.
  • Any number of vibrators would fit these different bills.

So here is a mix of what is available.

The Wild G Spot Vibrator has had a large multitude of rave reviews by professional outfits and individuals alike.

It is waterproof and battery operated so it can be used anywhere including under water (don’t go diving with it). This is a strong quiet little toy that is capable of producing large amounts of sensation.

The Rabbit and Jack Rabbit take two positions in the top five.

In all its forms, it is a perfectly capable little device that has a little rabbit shape with ears meant specifically to stimulate the clitoris while the shaft is busily stimulating the G-spot.

The We-Vibe is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot and what makes this little device unique is that it does not need to be removed during intercourse.

It is battery operated and ‘splash proof, quiet and reliable. The only downfall for this one is it has to be charged 24 hours before initial use.

The Lelo Gigi is a good design for those of us that are shy about using something that is the shape of a penis.

This little device does not have any genitalia inflection to embarrass. It is well made and able to deliver intense stimulation as well as gentle massage to the G-spot. It also has an added feature of being able to be turned off with a five second delay so it won’t turn on accidentally.

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