The female orgasm isn’t easily obtained but it is worth the time and effort it takes to succeed. Women are very emotionally based so they generally can’t just hop in the sack, have bunny sex for a minute or three and have an orgasm, even if they are very attracted to their partner.

With women, the more build up, the better the orgasm will be.

Build up doesn’t just include physical interaction.

  1. It can start with a nice dinner by candlelight, followed by some close caressing contact.
  2. Even a nice dip and snuggle in the pool can build on the emotional side, especially if there is a lot of close contact in the pool, especially skinny dipping. (Don’t try to have sex in the pool, water, chlorine and sex don’t make good partners).
  3. Take your transitions slowly, there’s no need to race through in order to get to the intercourse, let the sexual tension build up slowly. The more smoothly you take the transitions the more the woman will be able to stay in the same headspace.
  4. When you get to the bedroom, a good deal of caressing of her sensitive skin such as breasts, bottom, abdomen, thighs and back will help to heighten her sexual drive.
  5. As that heightens, then move on to stimulating her nether regions until you get a natural response from her body that tells you she is ready, if she has become very moist, she is aroused. If you have to use a lubricant in order to enter her, you’ve probably not done the build up you need to and she won’t likely have an orgasm.

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Is your love life getting mundane?  Are you just going through the motions?

Then it’s time to come up with something new that will freshen up that old tired love life.

If you do the same thing over and over again in anything, the repetitiveness will begin to make that process unexciting, no matter what the process is.

How adventuresome are you willing to be? How far are you willing to step out of your normal routine? There are many things that you can do that will spice up your sex life and you won’t know about them unless you go looking for them.

  • There are new positions to try.
  • There are new toys to play with.
  • You can try role playing.

The only limit to what you can try is your imagination and the adventuresome nature of you and your partner.

Take a trip to a local X rated store, yes, some of them are seedy but there are others that are not. They’re just like any other store, only they sell items that are intended to be sexually used. Normal people go into them all the time looking for ways to spice up their sex life and you shouldn’t feel any shame or negativity because you wish to do that too.

Look at the things that are offered with an open mind and a willingness to explore, you may be surprised what you might walk out of that store with in a little brown bag, or maybe even a big brown bag.

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Men are very physically driven while women are more emotionally driven; this means that the act of sex is not as mechanical in nature for a woman as it may be to a man. Generally, if a man’s penis is caressed in the right way, they will orgasm and ejaculate rather quickly, whether or not they are the ones doing the caressing.

A woman’s orgasm isn’t quite as easy to achieve, you need to build up the emotional base first.

Things that might begin the build up of emotional base are such things as:

  • A romantic atmosphere,
  • A partner they already have strong emotions for,
  • A feeling of being wanted and being appreciated.

A way to slowly build up the physical aspect is to caress her body softly, especially her more sensitive skin such as her breasts, bottom, abdomen, thighs and even her back, then begin moving to lightly stimulating her clitoris.

Watch her body movements, they will tell you a lot about where she is physically and emotionally.

If you’re getting through to her, you will know it.

  • As you see the emotional excitement entering into her movements, and she is becoming moister in her nether regions, then is the time to move towards intercourse.
  • Don’t rush it, make the transitions in play phases fluid so she can easily move from one to the other without thinking about it.

Many men believe that intercourse alone should be able to produce an orgasm in a woman. It doesn’t work that way because intercourse does not stimulate the clitoris and without that stimulation, the woman is not likely to have a satisfying climax if she has one at all.

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