The original Jack Rabbit seems to be one of the most celebrity endorsed Rabbit vibrators in the world.

The Vibratex Original Jack Rabbit Pearl Vibrator is so high on the popularity charts that it has spawned an insurgence of countless numbers of cheaper imitations.

  • This dual action vibrator as a respectable 7.2 inch shaft that includes a compartment filled with dancing pearls at its base.
  • These pearls stimulate and massage the vaginal walls while the Rabbit is fully inserted.
  • The Rabbit for which it is named has a set of mischievous ears that tickle and stimulate your clitoris unmercifully.

This is not a slim-line vibrator by any means, it is rather substantial in it’s stature but this is part of its charm.

It is powerfully strong and can super-stimulate when you wish it to.

When you get ready to use this vibrator for the first time, it would be a good idea to use all the different settings and intensities on your stomach or your inner thighs before you insert it and set it on its highest setting.

This is a quiet machine, however if you start it on the highest setting without ever having used it before,  the noise you will make embedding yourself into the ceiling will not be so quiet and it might be a little uncomfortable coming up with an explanation.

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The Lelo Gigi is a best selling design that is clean and sleek. There is nothing suggestive about it as far as male genitalia and it isn’t anything that might give you an emotionally dirty feeling interacting with it.

This little vibrator is meant to be used on the g-spot and the clitoris:

  • The head of it is shaped flat in order to gently massage the g-spot.
  • It can also deliver an intense clitoral stimulation.
  • If you want to enhance your experiences with it, you may wish to apply a small amount of water based lubricant to the head.

Once inserted it is not hard to nestle the head right up against the g-spot in order to deliver an extremely stimulating and sexually satisfying experience.

One nice thing about this little vibrator is if you can’t wait to give it a try, you won’t have to, it comes from the factory fully charged and ready for use:

  • It is packaged in a fabric covered black box and nestled inside a black satiny feeling bag for storage purposes.
  • You should get about four hours worth of play time on a two hour charge.

Great For Travel

If you have ever traveled with a battery powered vibrator and had a bump or bang set it to work in  your purse or suitcase, you will appreciate the Gigi for it’s lockdown feature that requires a button be pushed for five seconds before it will reactivate.

  • The Gigi has five pre-programmed stimulation settings and is very quiet when in use.
  • It has five pulse patterns and you can vary the intensity of any and all of them.
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The G-Wiz is a bright pink, wonderfully soft to the touch, device that has an insertable length of approximately 5.12 inches and is about four inches around at the widest point.

  • It is run on two triple A batteries.
  • The intensity controls are in a button on the base, which allows you to cycle through the settings any time you wish and at any frequency.
  • This little wonder is totally waterproof so it can go with you wherever you wish to take it, and is very easy to keep clean and sanitary.
  • Because of the diminutive size of the device, it warms up quickly and attains wonderful warmth while inserted.

This vibrator is quite powerful and you may not even use its full ability.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a perfect shape to use on your clitoris and outer lips, even your anus if you so choose, the padded rounded massage surface is gentle to the skin yet backed by a powerful vibrator that is sure to reach any intensity you desire.

With the G-Whiz inserted at a desired intensity and the Hitachi Magic Wand in use on the outer areas of your nether regions you are sure to reach satisfaction in an explosively enjoyable manner.


You’ll probably want to be alone during the use of these two devices, they don’t make much noise, but it’s a pretty sure bet that you will.

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