Female G Spot Stimulation Video

Here’s a video with simple instructions on how to find the female G Spot using your finger, and how to apply proper stimulation that can produce Gspot orgasms.

Watch this video demonstration on how to stimulate the G Spot:

Click Here to Learn More Ways to Give G Spot Orgasms

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20 Responses to “Female G Spot Stimulation Video”

Yakuza April 8, 2010

Cool…. Now I know where the G-spot Is… lol

Ron September 19, 2010

It’s the most amazing thing you ever seen when you give her her first or any vaginal orgasm and can make her sqirt! You will enjoy seeing it almost as much as does feeling it!. Not only that guys, but if you can get your face down there it is a very sweet taste……Mmmmm…….

jamal September 20, 2010

ilike to see more about Gspot

easyride September 21, 2010

hi there,

turns out my fingers are too short to reach the g spot, any ideas?

donna webb October 8, 2010

my hubby thinks the g-spot is located somewhere in/on the clitoris, i think otherwise. where is it?

Daniel November 23, 2010

I do pretty good with the g-spot on my wife but want perfection!

bruno November 23, 2010

You have solved my love making puzzle. I av always longed to find and hit my fiancee’s G.spot. Thanks

Keith Drake December 2, 2010

very helpful

Rey Gonzales December 9, 2010

Its great! Now im more confident to give more orgasms to my lady. Thanks a Lot.

rickey February 3, 2011

very good dem-of where the g-spot is wow now if i just had a lady to try it on

sougata February 3, 2011

wow, thanx for the video, now i know where is that spot….thanx again

Donna Ferguson February 4, 2011

I had a very ignorant husband who thought he was a gift to women but who was totally in it for himself. Any inadequesies were all purported to be mine. It has left me with little confidence where sex and sexuality is concerned. This information can be helpful to me (If I can actually find it all. Thank you very much for what you are trying to teach.

Donna Ferguson February 4, 2011

I alreadyfilled out my comment. Please forward me on and give me the rest of the information. Thanks!

ramujohn February 5, 2011

its nice to know the secret of women’s orgasm

Loreto Baldemor February 6, 2011


A February 11, 2011


Ahmad February 19, 2011

I want to learn , How can I find the Gspot with waching a video

audie April 28, 2011

i like this..

jjr April 29, 2011

Hi im an average guy that loves to experiment with anything sexual no mater how strange. I watched a video of where the g-spot is in guys and ladies and it was so awsome to se people enjoying things in this way. So later in the week my wife and i used some digital stimulation on myself. It was strange at first but when we got going it felt sooooooo gooood. but not much happened till i got used to it the next time we did it, I blew like castenova. I would recomend trying it if you dare. I cant wait till we do it again

ken April 30, 2011

it really helped me a lot…

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