Female Gspot: Ejaculation 101

Make the Most Out of Your Sessions in the Sack:
G-Spot Ejaculation & Everything There Is to Know About It

If you think that only the male of the species are entitled to having spine-tingling orgasms as they release bodily fluids through ejaculation, think again.  There is such a thing known as female ejaculation where your vagina will be able to release a semen-like fluid once you reach an orgasm.

Unfortunately, some women do not know that female ejaculation exists, which is why they fail to extract the utmost sexual pleasure out of it. Some mistake it for having an ‘accident’ of urine flow during sex – when it is actually a form of ejaculation, which is the exact same thing that men experience.

Now, if you want to make the most out of your sessions in the sack with your loved one, it is a must for you to know about G-spot ejaculation and everything that it entails. Read on to learn more about this female sexual phenomenon.

What’s the G-Spot Again?

Perhaps the best way to start learning about how you can use your G-spot to trigger a female ejaculation and female orgasm is by defining what the G-spot is. Named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the G-spot is supposed to be the female equivalent of the male prostate.

It is physically located on the anterior of the vagina, and is supposed to be a bean-shaped tissue which is ridged and rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall. If you’re still having vibrations from being in the throes of a clitoral orgasm, you may want to experiment and find out where your G-spot is so that you can experience G-spot ejaculation.

Once stimulated, the G-spot is supposed to bring most women to a mind-blowing orgasm that they are not bound to forget anytime soon. But if you later find out that stimulating the G-spot does not really do it for you, that is perfectly fine and it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.  Remember that every woman’s body is different so taking your pick from a clitoral and a G-spot orgasm is actually a matter of personal preference.

The Many Ways to Achieve G-Spot Orgasms

Now that you already have an idea about where the G-spot is located, how exactly can you achieve a G-spot orgasm or a female ejaculation?  Actually, the G-spot is located at a quite tricky place inside the vagina – so you may want to experiment on your own first before trying it with a partner. Lie on your back and once you are fully aroused, place your middle or index finger on the opening of the vagina.

Once you are about two to three inches up, make a crooked motion with your finger pointing towards your belly. You should feel the rougher part of the vaginal wall and that is the one which you should stimulate by making a constant, tapping motion.

You can also utilize sex toys which are specifically suited for having G-spot orgasms. If you want to have a G-spot ejaculation with a partner, try rear entry, spooning and woman-on-top sexual positions. True enough, there are 1,001 sexual pleasures which are just waiting to be discovered – and the minute that you find out where your G-spot is, you are in for an earth-shattering, orgasmic treat!

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