G-Spot Vs. Clitoris: Differences

Wanna Widen Your Knowledge of Women’s Pleasure-Giving Body Parts? The Differences between Clitoris & G-Spot

Unless women consider you to be a master lover, you might be the type of man who could use a crash course in the differences between clitoris and G-spot.  These two erogenous zones as far as a woman’s sexual pleasures are concerned may be conquered territories, but some men don’t really have a clue about the difference between these two.

Basically, the first thing that you need to know is that the purpose of both the clitoris and the G-spot is to provide sexual pleasures to a woman. For men, there’s actually no problem pointing to his erogenous zone – as long as it’s somewhere below his navel. Women, however, have far more body parts which can be their premier source of pleasure – including her breasts and her vagina.

Here, we will take a look at what every man should know when it comes to female body parts, and how each pleasure button can be stimulated to bring her to an orgasm that she is not bound to forget anytime soon.

So What are the Main Differences between the Clitoris and G-Spot?

First, here’s a quick definition of each. The clitoris is a small erectile organ located at the anterior part of the vagina. Sex experts say that it is the only human body part whose sole function is to provide women with sexual pleasure. Isn’t that something? It’s pretty much the equivalent of the penis and in simple terms, it is that small pleasure button which is located on top of her vaginal opening – the one which can be stimulated to bring her to new sexual heights.

On the other hand, the G-spot is physically similar to the male prostate. This body part is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, a German doctor who published a study in the 1950′s which is entitled “The Role of Urethra in the Female Orgasm”.

The G-spot is supposed to be a bean-shaped tissue which is located just behind the frontal wall of the vagina. Its position is quite tricky, though, unlike the clitoris which is visible to the naked eye. With the G-spot, you need to use some manual dexterity in order to reach it.

To locate the G-spot, you need to use either your middle or index finger to go inside the vaginal opening.  Once you are about one and a half to about to inches in, you should make a come-hither motion with your fingers, pointing towards her belly button. Once you feel the tissue which is rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall – that is the part that you should stimulate to bring a woman to what is supposed to be mind-blowing orgasms.

Remember that every woman’s body is different, so some may respond better to clitoral stimulation while others may prefer the trickier G-spot stimulation. Now that you already have a clearer picture about the differences between clitoris and G-spot, you can use your skills in bed in order to bring your lover to an orgasm that she is not bound to forget anytime soon.

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