How to Find the G-Spot

If there’s one thing that most men would like to master, that is none other than their skills in bed.  Currently, how would you rate the ‘reviews’ of your skills in bed that you are getting from the women with whom you’ve had a relationship in the past?

If you think that you’re a relatively good lover, then you may want to up the ante by acquiring one additional skill: targeting the G-spot.  On the other hand, those who have not had that many mind-blowing experiences with their previous partners in bed can definitely do with a little help in the right direction.

Here, we will dish out a guide on how to find the G-spot – advice for men.

How to Find the G-spot: Advice for Men

Basically, the G-spot is supposed to be the Holy Grail of a woman’s pleasure zones. It’s an area located about two inches up her vaginal wall, pointing towards her belly button. It was discovered by and named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg in the 1950′s.

Now that you already have an idea about the basics of what it is and where it is located, here is a quick list of a few tips that you need to remember when looking for this seemingly elusive spot:

  1. Use your fingers to lead her to a G-spot orgasm.

For this, you need some manual dexterity and a lot of lubrication. Prior to stimulating her G-spot using your fingers, make sure to have her well-prepared first.  If a woman is not fully aroused, using your fingers to stimulate that part of her vagina might cause discomfort.

Also, remember that every woman is different. If you find out that your partner does not necessarily like having her G-spot stimulated because she finds it uncomfortable, then work on other things like giving her an orgasm through clitoral or oral stimulation.

Now, once you have sufficient lubrication and you’re sure that your partner is sufficiently aroused, place your index finger into the vaginal opening.  Palms facing upwards, use your index or middle finger to locate the G-spot – it’s about a couple of inches up her vaginal canal.

  1. Be extra attentive to her responses so that you would know when you’ve hit the right spot.

It might be difficult to know when you’ve hit the right spot – that is why you need to be extra attentive to her moans and groans. Physically, though, your clue would be when you feel the tissue that is rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall.

Try out new sexual positions that will give her a G-spot orgasm during stimulation.  Or, you can play around with a sex toy that will help target the goldmine among her sexual pleasure zones.

By following this guide on how to find the G-spot advice for men, you can become the best lover that you can be and have a woman screaming for more!

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