Where is the G-Spot?

The one thing about sex which mere existence is being debated upon until now is the existence of a woman’s G-spot.  As compared to the clitoris which is the only body part in a woman’s body that solely exists for sexual pleasure – the G-spot is quite mysterious because it seems as if not everybody can find it, or is able to orgasm through it.

Here, we will answer questions like where is the G-spot, what it is exactly and just how much mind-boggling the sensations it brings about to a woman – which made people dub it as the Holy Grail of a woman’s pleasure buttons.

A Look at G-Spot’s Background

Before delving deeper into the details about how you can locate your G-spot with or without a partner, let us first learn a bit about its origin. Basically, G-spot is short for the Grafenberg spot. This part of a woman’s body is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg who made a study about the female anatomy in the 1950′s.

So what’s the answer to the question of “Where is the G-spot?” If you’ve never tried to look for it before, you can do so by using your middle or index finger to get into the vaginal opening. Once you are about an inch and a half to about a couple of inches up, you should make a crooked motion with your fingers pointing towards your belly button. Once you feel that spongy tissue which is rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall, that is the exact spot that you are looking for.

Now, what makes the G-spot so special? This part of a woman’s body is actually equivalent to the male prostate.  Being an erectile tissue, it is made up of blood vessels and nerve endings which, when stimulated, is supposed to lead you to have an earth-shattering orgasm.

Busting the Myths about the G-Spot

After learning about the origin of the G-spot, let us now take a look at some of the myths surrounding it.

  • There are some women who do not have the G-spot.

Again, you need to remember that the G-spot is equivalent to the male prostate. As such, it is something that every woman has. Perhaps what brought about this myth that some women do not have the G-spot is that they are unable to reach orgasms through it.

  • Stimulating the G-spot is the only thing that you can do for a woman to give her sexual pleasure.

If there’s one thing that women are not lacking in, that is the number of body parts which can bring her sexual fulfillment. If she cannot have G-spot orgasms, there are always clitoral and vaginal orgasms to choose from.

  • If a woman who cannot have an orgasm through G-spot stimulation, there must be something wrong with her.

Finally, veer away from the thinking that there is something wrong with you if you cannot have a G-spot orgasm. The truth is that every woman’s body is different, and what turns one woman on cannot be the same for another woman – so it’s all a matter of personal preference.

So whether you’re going solo or if you’re doing the deed with a partner, learning where is the G-spot should be the first step to take in having one of the most unforgettable orgasms of your life.

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