Female Orgasms & The Importance of Psychological Stimulation

Most men & women focus on physical stimulation when trying to achieve female orgasm. This is incorrect, and Daniel Rose explains why in this video:

0 Female Orgasms & The Importance of Psychological Stimulation

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21 Responses to “Female Orgasms & The Importance of Psychological Stimulation”

duhon February 22, 2010

Great! I think this tape hit it on the nose. Society always talk about the importance of sex to men but never tell about how important it is to a woman. A womans sexual pleasure comes from the mental and emotional development of her man and relationship is a fact is overlooked. Good job sex guy, keep bringing light to the world

Guest February 22, 2010

I agree with the premise entirely, tho I'm not sure the difference between the importance of psychological stimulation is quite that drastically different between the sexes. I know it's hugely important for me, it's nearly everything – the act itself can even fail to arouse me (and I can't be the only guy this has happened to) if I'm not really 'into' the girl I'm with. And I have to use my imagination there. So if women are 10x worse, God help them. But I do agree with the premise, and I think men approach the thing from the wrong direction.

Guest February 22, 2010

Psychology is everything in arousal. I think this goes for men and women both, and nearer equally than you claim. Altho I do agree wholeheartedly with your premise. Most of us approach sex altogether the wrong way. It's hardly a physical act at all, and the many examples you give to illustrate that point are very helpful. I know from my own experience, even the act itself may not be enough, if one's not psychologically aroused. Good advice here.

pwt223438 February 22, 2010

I find myself in agreement with most of what the fellow is saying here. Sex isn't just physical. A man could very well be more aroused sitting alone in a room thinking about it, than having it while not properly psychologically aroused. As for women, I agree – they don't want what we men tend to think they want. We're just wasting our time and effort and psyching ourselves out.

kroman2789 February 22, 2010

Thanks for the tips because while I thought that I was pleasing my finance I guess I could be doing better. I completely agree with everything you said because while some guys can be aroused by any girl, no matter what she looks like, I find it hard to become aroused if the girl is not at least somewhat attractive. An ex girlfriend once told me that when she would masturbate she had to focus extremely hard on something that aroused her otherwise it was impossible for her to orgasm. She told me that if her mind wandered, even though the stimulation was there, her brain was elsewhere thus no orgasm resulted. Thanks for sharing this video and I hope to see more

Fromshore February 22, 2010

I agree with what this video is trying to say. I have a lot of female friends and what they have told me is that they have to first of all, be very comfortable with the guy they have sex with to even think about climaxing. Then they have to feel something for the guy, it can't just be for the sex. That is why they have to be drunk to go for a one-night stand. It is also very easy to fake an orgasm so even if you think you might have made the girl come one a one-night stand, she might have been faking. You made some very valid points on this video and your examples prove your points.

cady February 22, 2010

Okay, as a woman, I have to say that Dan left out something really, really important in his talk. Psychological stimulation is very important, that's true, but what's totally essential is making sure you have the right *kind* of stimulation. Women aren't all the same! What interests and pleases one woman won't necessarily have the same effect on the next. What you really need to do, rather than worrying about all that nonsense with getting women loyally addicted to you (which was kind of disturbing, frankly) and screaming all night (some girls are just quiet!), is make sure that you talk to your partner. Get to know her fantasies and get to know what stimulates *her* instead of what you think or what you've read ought to work for all women. Communication is absolutely key to satisfaction.

CloudXHearts February 23, 2010

I agree with this video. Proper mental stimulation is important to arousal probably even more so than the physical aspect. Focusing on just physical aspect is not sufficient to create an adequate orgasm. The woman must be emotionally stimulated as well.

Amethyst-Rose February 24, 2010

I wish every man had this information! I've seen men who worry so much that they are making all the right moves in bed, when what they really need to do is stimulate the mind more. Even the man with the worst physical moves can be a wonderful lover if he turns on a woman's emotions. Thank you so much for sharing this with men everywhere!

doe eyed February 26, 2010

I agree with the video. A man can study all the diagrams and maps he wants, and know the location of every organ, but in reality sex is about intimacy and communication. I think the most important part of sex is knowing your partner, not just her anatomy, but her personality and nuances. Then you can know during sex what kind of clues she is giving through sounds and body language as to what is pleasing, whether she is comfortable, and what you are doing right. If you truly know her, you can easily notice if she is happy or satisfied from sex, and you can tell if she is faking her orgasm.

Amanda February 26, 2010

So very true! The part about the psychological stimulation for women is really accurate, yet so few men get this. It's the same with the romantic aspect, we want that emotional connection mixed with the psychological one (well most of us). Kudos to you for the video!

beebrown February 26, 2010

im glad i read this. now i will most definitely start focusing more on the mental when dealing with my woman. i think us guys get so worked up sometimes that we forget we are not the only priority. this will do a lot of men, myself included some good! excellent video.

Marie February 28, 2010

I agree with most of his “tips” however, I have a hard time believing a woman can have 5 or 6 orgasms a night. I would be exhausted after one. All men should watch this video.

Katherine February 28, 2010

I agree with the video! This is good advice for guys who model their sexual behavior after porn. Keep in mind that porn is scripted and that at the end of the day, the women in porn are actresses. If it looks and sounds like they're being pleasured, they're just acting. There's no psychological connection there, so it's impossible for them to actually feel as pleasured as they're coming off as. This isn't to say that women need to feel a “connection” with a man in order to feel stimulated – plenty of women orgasm during one night stands. However, during these random encounters, women feel sexy and wanted, which is just another form of psychological stimulation!

jimbo973 February 28, 2010

I really thought this made a lot of sense. Most guys don't understand this and it is very true. Girls do not care all about the physical attraction. It is the Psychological Stimulation.

Steve February 28, 2010

This information is kind of obvious but true none the less. On nights when my girlfriend and I have a quick sexual encounter, she rarely orgasms. But, if we are being romantic and I stimulate her mentally, she can have multiple orgasms. This information is very important.

ChocoQueen February 28, 2010

This man is so right! The thoughts that are running through a girls head when she is having great sex are of something soft, and romantic. Intensifying each touch, each sensation taking on a new life. However, if her mind is not in the mood, no amount of touching and stimulation of her “spots” will make her wet. If men who care about pleasuring the women in their life took a moment to check out this video their sexual lives would stand to benefit. To think that there are women who never experience orgasms saddens me, penetration is great, but for a girl to be really into it, and really into the guy makes for an intense experience.

shooting star February 28, 2010

Very true! Having a real connection, and knowing what she wants is so important for stimulation. So many guys think that just going through the motions will get her off, but they completely miss the target! Great video, more men need to watch this.

Jason March 1, 2010

I agree. The connection isn't just about stimulation, but also what you do during that stimulation. I can't wait to do this :) Great video – I definitely think more men should watch it.

Mohammud September 26, 2010

How the fuck do you get her emotionally stimulated though? Like what? Buy her flowers and shit or what? I really don’t understand what people say by emotional stimulation. It’s like a wtf does it mean moment. Like I think it means something like how to say stuff that turns her on like eh… I would do this and that while we’re in bed or get her some flowers and be romantic but I’m not entirely sure what he means by that. Anyone care to explain it better?

job October 3, 2010

never seen such important document its great and wonderful to read and know new techniques

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