G Spot Stimulation

G Spot Stimulation can be accomplished in many ways. A woman's Gspot can be stimulated with fingers by fingering a girl, with the penis using sexual positions, or specially designed sex toys know as G-Spot vibrators. Women can experience Gspot orgasms and female ejaculation after thorough stimulation.

Stimulating the G spot is recommended once women this excited (the erect clitoris, vulva and blood loaded lubricated vagina) and persevere their stimulation for several minutes until she starts to feel pleasure.

Also note that by stimulating the G-spot, pressure is being applied to the walls of the bladder, so it is normal that some women feel to urinate during G-Spot stimulation. You can always urinate before performing this sexual technique and empty the bladder. After thorough stimulation, women may release liquid when practicing this sexual technique (squirting).

Once you know where it is and how to find the female g spot, there's only one thing left: Stimulating the G Spot!

How does one go about stimulate the G Spot? Read below to find out:

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