Get The Right Technique For The Male G Spot

The right technique for stimulating the Male G-Spot depends a lot on the male involved.

  1. Once you have found the G-Spot, gentle caressing with the finger will begin the stimulation process.
  2. Some men react very positively to a gentle thrusting movement of the finger while others may prefer a more intense stimulation with constant pressure being placed on the prostate itself.
  3. You may want to mix and match the two stimulations together or experiment with different finger movements.
  4. Remember to move slowly with the stimulation because you are interacting in a very sensitive and very tender area of the man’s body. Too much stimulation can become very uncomfortable.
  5. Do the stimulation in a repetitive motion, giving the man’s body a chance to react to the stimulation.
  6. If the reaction you get is bland  or just plain non responsive, you will want to try another stimulation technique or a grouping of techniques, when you find a recipe that works, then keep it up gently.
  7. The man’s body will become more and more interactive as he nears his orgasm.
  8. When he does reach his orgasm, some men like the stimulation to continue and some need it to stop immediately because they become over-stimulated.
  9. Pay attention to the reactions you are getting, if they become too frantic, you will want to cease stimulation and let him come down naturally.

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