Get Wild With The Wild G Spot Vibe

The Wild G Spot vibrator has been described over and over again with one sentence, or should I say question, and that question is ‘who needs a man’.

The Go Anywhere Toy

This little toy is water proof and battery operated, so it can go basically anywhere you feel like having a little sexual stimulation, or even more than just a little sexual stimulation.

Use It In The Bathtub

How about laying back in a hot bath, with mounds of crisp white bubbles tickling your nose, while the Wild G Spot Vibrator tickles your delicate nether-regions, sending you gyrating slowly to its influence, the bath bubbles moving in soft telltale waves?

In The Shower

Or, how about standing in the shower, the hot steamy water dappling your skin, running down your body leaving a warm shine in its path, you lift your face to meet the spray of warm wet pliable crystals . . .

  • Your body shivers, though the water keeps it warm, trembles run though you like waves climbing a beach.
  • Your clitoris is hot with fire and a buoyancy that feels you might lift through the ceiling.
  • Your lips and inner surfaces are gently massaged and vibrated, lifting your level of excitement to a bursting point as you steady yourself in the stall, your body raging with trembles of anticipation….

If you want the rest of the story, you will want to purchase The Wild G Spot Vibe.

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