Guiding Your Lover To The G Spot

760876 requiem for innocence Guiding Your Lover To The G SpotA lot of people say that the G spot is hard to find, and for a nervous man who’s trying to please his partner and give her what she wants, that’s even more likely to be accurate. However, if you have good communication with your partner you can have her help you to find what you’re looking for. The chances are high that she’s done some experimenting and that she knows where her own G spot is. Many women do. If she does know how to find it, and if she’s receptive to it, you can let her help you so that you can find it, too. Don’t be embarrassed to ask. It shouldn’t make you feel silly or stupid, or like you don’t know how to please a woman. What it means is that you’re interested in pleasing your partner and that you care about what she wants and needs. Tell her that, and ask her to guide you so that she can have the pleasure she deserves.

If you’re a woman and your man asks you this question, one of the things you can do is show him how you find your G spot. That gives him an idea of how you place your hand and how far inside the vagina the G spot is actually located. Then let him try. Guide his hand if necessary and let him experiment until he finds the right spot. Once he’s had some practice, he’ll be able to find your G spot on his own and you won’t have to guide him, but doing this the first few times can not only raise his self-esteem and his desire to please you, but it can also make the two of you a lot more comfortable with one another’s bodies, which can be very sexy.

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