How To Be Sure She’s Not Faking It

1069414 gender symbols How To Be Sure She’s Not Faking ItIf you’re a man, you probably either think that you’ve never been with a woman who has faked her orgasm or you’re concerned that all women might be faking their orgasms. If you’re worried about the latter of these two issues, you probably have some self-esteem issues that are relate to those fears and trepidations. Women do sometimes fake orgasms, but it’s usually not because of something that the man is doing wrong. It’s usually because things just aren’t happening for her and she wants to spare the man’s feelings. However, there are some things you can look for in order to judge whether she’s faking it, or it’s for real. If she’s really having an orgasm, there will be vaginal spasms and contractions. Her heart rate will increase, and her pounding heart is a good sign it’s for real.

Her nipples will generally harden, her breathing will get faster, and her pupils will dilate. Women are often satiated after an orgasm, too, and they aren’t interested in jumping right up and doing something else. All women are different, though, and some of them really are energized after sex. If that’s your only ‘warning sign’ and all of the other signs indicated that she was actually having an orgasm, she probably wasn’t faking anything. Even if you still think she was faking, right after sex isn’t the time to ask about it, and it’s important to remember that she has her reasons. If you ask her about it (not usually a good idea) do it in a non-confrontational manner at another time.

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