Lip Service: Combining Oral Sex and the G Spot

933656 kesses Lip Service: Combining Oral Sex and the G SpotPeople generally don’t think of the G spot and oral sex as two things that go together, but when oral sex is combined with stimulation of the G spot with the fingers, it can produce very strong orgasms for women. Not every man is comfortable doing this, but for those who are and for whose partner is receptive to it, it can be a very good experience. Oral sex takes practice, though, just like finding the G spot, so knowing how to do both separately and well is a good idea before you undertake doing them both at the same time. If oral sex is too rough it’s uncomfortable for many women, and too light of a touch is often not enough to really be stimulating. Every woman is different, though, so finding out what your partner needs and wants from you is the most important thing that you can do.

For women who can have a G spot orgasm without much trouble and who also enjoy clitoral stimulation, it’s quite possible to combine the two and enjoy what that can bring in the form of a better orgasm or multiple orgasms. Not every woman enjoys oral sex, though, and some women don’t really enjoy having their G spot stimulated – not every woman will have an orgasm that way. Make sure your partner is receptive to what you’re going to do before you start doing it, rather than jumping right in and hoping. You’ll both have a better sexual experience that way.

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