Making Your Size Count: Small To Large And The Position That Can Put You There

439197 man and muscles 1 Making Your Size Count: Small To Large And The Position That Can Put You ThereWomen may say that size doesn’t matter, but it really does, and being too small or even being abnormally large can make your sexual encounter less enjoyable for your partner. So, what do you do if you weren’t blessed with a whole lot and you want to make sure you’re pleasing your partner? You find a position that’s more fulfilling for her, and that makes you feel larger to her. This could be different for different women, but certain positions tend to make a woman feel ‘fuller’ than others, such as entering from behind. It’s all about the angle at that point, and it can cause more pressure on the front wall of the vagina, resulting in a better experience and outcome for her.

If that’s not comfortable for you, though, or if she isn’t interested in that, you can always experiment with other positions and look for the ones that bring the most pleasure to her. There are times when it really isn’t about the size but about what you’re doing with it, and it’s important to pay attention to her signals so that you can take your cues from her. That way you’ll know what she enjoys the most and you won’t have to be guessing about it. Open and honest communication about sex can make a relationship much more fulfilling, as can allowing her to show you what she likes, so that you both can find what you really enjoy. A lot of men don’t take the time to do this, but women appreciate a partner who’s receptive to their needs.

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