Male Orgasm

Male orgasm, unlike female orgasm, is considered to be one of the simplest things on earth. Indeed, men, unlike women rarely discuss such hot topics as “How to achieve orgasm” and they never try to define what type of orgasm they achieve, as male orgasm is just orgasm and it cannot be divided into types (unlike female orgasm that can be vaginal, clitoral, G-spot and even extra genital).

Nevertheless, male orgasm is not as simple as it seems.

1. Many Various Organs Are Responsible For Male Orgasm, According To Sexologists.

These organs are as follows: penis, prostate, seminal vesicles and seminal hillocks. Only collaboration of these organs provide climax!

2. Rare Orgasms Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer

This was revealed by Greek physicians. They have found a direct connection between frequency of sex life and risk of breast cancer in men. Of course, men have this disease very rarely, however, they should not forget about the fact that rare orgasms decrease the level of male hormone testosterone. Low level of testosterone increases the risk of breast cancer. Regular sex life prevents many diseases and contributes to better health

3. World Record – 14 Orgasms In A Day

Italian porn actor Rocco Sifferdi is justly considered to be a world sex champion. He managed to make love to 14 women in a day and with each of them he had an orgasm that was registered by observers. Rocco will have to break his own record if he wants to remain the best. An anonymous dare-devil has already claimed he is going to break the hot Italian man’s record through achieving orgasms with 20 women in a day!

4. Male Orgasm Can Be Controlled

Orgasm is preceded by pre-orgasm: during these minutes the penis is very hard and the man experiences something similar to tickling in urethra. This sensation reminds of desire to urinate. If at this moment the man stops intercourse and thinks about something that has nothing to do with sex (for instance about football), his sexual arousal weakens. Thus the man has a chance to delay orgasm and to give his partner a chance to climax!

5. Men Fake Orgasm

For some reason women think that only they pretend to have orgasm and that men never do that since they achieve orgasm much easier than women. This is not true. According to British sociologists 23 percent of British men regularly fake orgasm. Canadian sociologist have even more shocking data: they say that 43 percent of men from time to time pretend to achieve orgasm in bed!

6. There Are Some Certain Signs That Allow To Define Whether A Man Fakes Orgasm

Of course, the main sign that your man did not cum is absence of sperm. No matter how loud he moaned and groaned, absence of ejaculation shows that most probably he did not cum. The man can say that he learned to have “dry” orgasms, however such ability is a very rare phenomena.

One more sign – he tries to get rid of condom so that you could not see how he does that, especially if you usually have to remind him that used condom should not be left behind the bed.

7. Reasons For Faking Orgasm

Men fake orgasm for various reasons. The first reason is stress. Stress might not prevent a man from having erection, but it can prevent him from having orgasm.

The other reason is bad foreplay. In spite of common opinion that only women need foreplay, men do need some time to get turned on enough before the encounter, especially if he is older than thirty. Sometimes they do not manage to get aroused enough and have to pretend so as not to disappoint the partner.

8. Almost 50 Percent Of Men Groan And Moan When Achieve Orgasm

About 20 percent experience orgasm in complete silence, 10 percent often start pinching, biting and even crying. Some even swear with enjoyment!

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