Personal Ads? Best Read Between the Lines

If this ad doesn’t pique your curiosity, it could be because it’s cloaked in the clichéd jargon that has become the language of the singles’ scene.

According to Douglas Raybeck (pictured above), a professor of anthropology at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., descriptions such as “enjoy romantic walks on the beach” are so widely used, they no longer reveal anything significant about the advertiser.

In a study that evaluated 462 singles ads in a New York newspaper, Raybeck found that not a single advertiser described his or her interests as watching TV. And only two `fessed up to enjoying time spent at the mall.

Similarly, many female advertisers described themselves as “full-figured” but the word “overweight” was never used by women.

Many advertisers state favorite activities like “cozy nights by a warm fire,” movies or reading. In reality, though, the cozy-nights-by-the-fire advertiser could be a couch potato who experiences separation anxiety when he’s a shuffle away from the TV remote, said Raybeck.

“That’s not to say it’s misleading advertising. Instead, what the advertiser is trying to say is they like the image the description is trying to convey,” said Raybeck, who is married and claims that romance is overrated as a feature of a happy marriage.

“People need to read advertisements carefully and analyze the subtext. [Personal ads] are the perfect tool to winnow unsuitable partners, but they are only a preliminary step. They shouldn’t be seen as the ultimate method of finding lasting romantic love,” he said.

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