Sarah and Emma Top The List of Fast Women

If your name is Sarah, Emma or Kelly, doctors may be more likely to view you as a woman of “easy virtue” — if they’ve read the latest issue of the British Medical Journal.

The Journal found those were the top three names in an analysis of data from a British clinic that treats women for sexually transmitted diseases. The data included 1,462 patients aged 16 to 24 from a Southampton hospital.

According to lead researcher Dr. Elizabeth Foley — whose own name is not among those listed — the analysis contradicts the popular stereotype that promiscuous women in Britain are more likely to be called Sharon or Tracey. Both are associated with the “Essex girl,” a much snickered about stereotype of a low-class, loose young woman.

Instead, Sharon and Tracey were found about half as often as was expected given the popularity of these names, the researchers reported. Also included in the top 10 were Louise, Cla(i)re, Lisa, Rachel, Michelle and Nicola.

The article has received a lively response from British doctors. According to one cardiologist from a hospital in Birmingham, Foley’s work is a “fine and timely study.”

“Readers interested in recreational liaisons now know exactly who they should approach if they want to avoid nasty little rashes afterwards,” he wrote in a reader’s letter.

A list of the 10 most popular names for American girls born in 1998 cites Sarah in the No. 3 slot. Emma and Kelly are not listed.

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