Stay Hydrated: Common Sense and Sex

1057181 drinking water 4 Stay Hydrated: Common Sense and SexWhen it comes to sex, a lot of people don’t think about the fact that it’s a lot of work. It’s a very physical activity, and some people are more aggressive about it than others. Whether you like to take it slow and gentle, or whether you like to have one of those marathon, lasting forever, hanging-off-the-chandelier sex sessions, you still need to be aware of the calories that you’re burning and how easily you can get dehydrated. In women this can lead to vaginal dryness which can certainly be uncomfortable. Whether you’re male or female, though, pay attention to the signals that your body is giving you and whether you need to eat or drink something so that you’re not making yourself sick by trying to have some fun. People who are more aggressively sexual need better hydration, but even a more mild-mannered person can deplete his or her reserves more quickly than would be expected.

If you’re dieting heavily you should be more careful about sex, because you’ll get tired more easily and you want to protect your health. You should also be aware that you need to drink enough water throughout the day. Don’t try drinking a bunch of water right before sex to try to catch up. It can make you slosh, which is embarrassing, and it can make you have to pee, which will definitely interrupt what you’re trying to accomplish. Just be mindful of the fact that you’re actually getting a workout, and that you need to take care of your health just like you would with any exercise regimen.

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