1194923 cocktail Alcohol And The G Spot: Does Drunk Make A Difference?People mistakenly think that sex will be better when they’re drunk because they won’t have any inhibitions. They can just ‘be themselves’ and not worry about anything. That’s great, but only to a point. It’s important to be in control during a sexual encounter, because drinking can make it more difficult to achieve orgasm and even to get an erection. That’s not nearly as much fun as having a sober encounter where both parties are able to know what’s going on, enjoy it, and get a lot of pleasure from it. Having a few drinks isn’t usually an issue for more people. A couple of beers or a glass of wine does often help people relax, and it won’t hurt your sexual performance. Getting drunk, though, can really ruin the plans that you had for the night, and that’s true not only of basic sex but of things like finding and stimulating the G spot.

Most women react with strong orgasms when the G spot is stimulated in the right way, and it’s something that they can learn to do on their own or that they can have their partner do for them. With that in mind, discourage your partner from drinking heavily if the two of you plan to be intimate so that you can both enjoy the experience as much as possible and not have to feel bad the next morning about how things didn’t go well. There’s a tendency to over-drink on special occasions, so watching out for that can help your life in the bedroom be a lot more fulfilling.

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