Are you a man that believes he knows everything about a female orgasm?

You may not know as much as you think. Many men believe their wives are happily enjoying orgasms during their sexual encounters but many women are doing nothing of a kind. If your sexual encounters consist of:

  1. A little bit of foreplay . . .
  2. Then hopping onboard and having sexual intercourse for a little while (maybe you hold off your own orgasm for a while). . .
  3. Having your orgasm, your body enjoying waves of euphoria spasming through you. . .
  4. and at the same time you see your partner is breathing heavy and making all sorts of enjoyable moaning sounds . . .

It is a good guess that you believe your partner is also having an orgasm.

In all probability, if the intercourse was a short period and there was little or no foreplay, your partner is not having an orgasm. She may be excited and she may be enjoying the intercourse, but it’s not likely that she is actually having an orgasm.She may even be faking one in order to give you full gratification, however, she is still not likely having one herself.

A woman takes much more emotional and physical ‘foreplay’ before she has the possibility of having an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

During sexual intercourse alone, the simple fact is that her clitoris does not receive enough stimulation to build up to an orgasm, and because she is more emotionally based, her emotions also have to be onboard.

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In times past, it was believed that women didn’t need to orgasm and to the largest extent, they didn’t. Many women really had no idea what an orgasm was or what it felt like.

These days, this is no longer true; women expect to experience orgasms. It is  important and healthy for them to do so.

Still, some women still have a hard time reaching orgasm or having one of any strength.

On the male side, men are expected to perform and perform well for a good period of time. So there is pressure and stress related to performing any sexual interaction. Delaying an orgasm is a learned ability, it takes practice and sometimes that orgasm will come before it is wanted or welcome.

A negative response from a female partner can put more pressure and stress on the man and make it even harder for him to perform well the next time.

  • Understand what makes your partner tick, be understanding and patient should they not perform up to your expectations and have a backup plan to take care of yourself should you need to.
  • Allowing your partner to help you take care of you can help to build the relationship and may have a positive influence on the future sexual interactions.
  • Keep your sex life fresh, try new things, and don’t be judgmental of things your partner may want to try. Either try them, or not, but don’t make them regret bringing them up.

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