126795 passion Failing the Quest: What To Do When You Can’t Find The G SpotThe G spot is said to be very elusive. Some people probably don’t agree because they’ve been able to find it, but others aren’t so lucky and they struggle to see where it is and what to do with it – or they just can’t seem to locate it no matter what they’re doing. That’s true of women who want to find their own G spot and of men who are trying to find their partner’s G spot to see how much pleasure it can bring. For men this can be especially frustrating because they are trying very hard to please their partner and they want to be able to give her what she needs – not to mention that they don’t want to look foolish and inexperienced in bed. Sometimes, though, you just can’t find the G spot no matter how hard you try. If you have good and open communication with your partner, you can ask her about it. Has she found it? Could she guide you?

It shouldn’t be a race, a contest, or a conquest. It should only be something that two people are doing together out of love and enjoyment. If you treat it that way and show your partner that you’re taking it seriously but wanting to have some fun it’s much more likely that she’ll be receptive to helping you locate what you’re looking for. After all, she wants to enjoy the experience, too. Even if you don’t find the G spot, though, there are many other things you can do. Clitoral stimulation works very well for most women, and a thorough exploration of her can leave her very satisfied.

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