There are probably more vibrators on the market than there are rocks in the nearest pond. Vibrators are big business for a number of reasons, or should I say a number of places.

Vibrators are good for our bodies, they help us to stimulate muscle tissue in order to build up blood flow which helps to carry impurities out of our bodies.

But those vibrators aren’t the ones we are concerned with in this article.

The vibrators that we are concerned with are the ones that are able to stimulate us sexually to the point of orgasm. That cuts the number of vibrators down by thousands I’m sure, and that only leaves us thousands more to choose from.

So what kind of vibrator should you get?

Well that depends entirely on the type of feel you are wishing to experience, so lets narrow it down a little more.

  • Are you looking for one that stimulates just the outer reaches, the inner reaches or one that stimulates both at once?

The ones that stimulate both at once are the more popular once these days and if you pick that group,  you will have narrowed down your choices to something manageable.

  • These will generally be the rechargeable types or ones that are run by AAA batteries.
  • Some can be used during intercourse and some cannot so that will narrow down your choices more.

This should have you down to a few choices and your choice should be easier to arrive at from this point.

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Men are very physically driven while women are more emotionally driven; this means that the act of sex is not as mechanical in nature for a woman as it may be to a man. Generally, if a man’s penis is caressed in the right way, they will orgasm and ejaculate rather quickly, whether or not they are the ones doing the caressing.

A woman’s orgasm isn’t quite as easy to achieve, you need to build up the emotional base first.

Things that might begin the build up of emotional base are such things as:

  • A romantic atmosphere,
  • A partner they already have strong emotions for,
  • A feeling of being wanted and being appreciated.

A way to slowly build up the physical aspect is to caress her body softly, especially her more sensitive skin such as her breasts, bottom, abdomen, thighs and even her back, then begin moving to lightly stimulating her clitoris.

Watch her body movements, they will tell you a lot about where she is physically and emotionally.

If you’re getting through to her, you will know it.

  • As you see the emotional excitement entering into her movements, and she is becoming moister in her nether regions, then is the time to move towards intercourse.
  • Don’t rush it, make the transitions in play phases fluid so she can easily move from one to the other without thinking about it.

Many men believe that intercourse alone should be able to produce an orgasm in a woman. It doesn’t work that way because intercourse does not stimulate the clitoris and without that stimulation, the woman is not likely to have a satisfying climax if she has one at all.

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The original Jack Rabbit seems to be one of the most celebrity endorsed Rabbit vibrators in the world.

The Vibratex Original Jack Rabbit Pearl Vibrator is so high on the popularity charts that it has spawned an insurgence of countless numbers of cheaper imitations.

  • This dual action vibrator as a respectable 7.2 inch shaft that includes a compartment filled with dancing pearls at its base.
  • These pearls stimulate and massage the vaginal walls while the Rabbit is fully inserted.
  • The Rabbit for which it is named has a set of mischievous ears that tickle and stimulate your clitoris unmercifully.

This is not a slim-line vibrator by any means, it is rather substantial in it’s stature but this is part of its charm.

It is powerfully strong and can super-stimulate when you wish it to.

When you get ready to use this vibrator for the first time, it would be a good idea to use all the different settings and intensities on your stomach or your inner thighs before you insert it and set it on its highest setting.

This is a quiet machine, however if you start it on the highest setting without ever having used it before,  the noise you will make embedding yourself into the ceiling will not be so quiet and it might be a little uncomfortable coming up with an explanation.

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