Men are very physically driven while women are more emotionally driven; this means that the act of sex is not as mechanical in nature for a woman as it may be to a man. Generally, if a man’s penis is caressed in the right way, they will orgasm and ejaculate rather quickly, whether or not they are the ones doing the caressing.

A woman’s orgasm isn’t quite as easy to achieve, you need to build up the emotional base first.

Things that might begin the build up of emotional base are such things as:

  • A romantic atmosphere,
  • A partner they already have strong emotions for,
  • A feeling of being wanted and being appreciated.

A way to slowly build up the physical aspect is to caress her body softly, especially her more sensitive skin such as her breasts, bottom, abdomen, thighs and even her back, then begin moving to lightly stimulating her clitoris.

Watch her body movements, they will tell you a lot about where she is physically and emotionally.

If you’re getting through to her, you will know it.

  • As you see the emotional excitement entering into her movements, and she is becoming moister in her nether regions, then is the time to move towards intercourse.
  • Don’t rush it, make the transitions in play phases fluid so she can easily move from one to the other without thinking about it.

Many men believe that intercourse alone should be able to produce an orgasm in a woman. It doesn’t work that way because intercourse does not stimulate the clitoris and without that stimulation, the woman is not likely to have a satisfying climax if she has one at all.

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Ease of Use

This little ‘magic wand’ being marketed by Hitachi is marketed as a personal massager:

  • They have a little booklet in with the massager showing muscle pressure points that it can be used on, but they don’t fool the average female consumer.
  • With a shape like that, there is but one main use it could be made for.
  • Add to that, the optional insertion piece called ‘The Jelly G-Spot Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment’ and you get more than just a general idea what this little device was made for and capable of doing.

A Full Body Experience

Of course this little massager could be used on other parts of the body such as aching muscles or other pressure points and it would do a fine job of relieving stress and pressure in those areas, getting blood flowing better and thereby removing impurities from the muscles.

This little device  is also behaves like  it was made for something much more delicate in nature.

It has built a strong following of woman that appreciate it for what it can do for their sexual desires.

Dual Speeds

With it’s strong motor that achieves two different speeds, it is capable of delicately vibrating a woman’s g-spot or clitoris or it is capable of a much more frantic vibration that would be capable of sending a woman over the top of her orgasm.

One thing is certain; it won’t stop before she reaches satisfaction.

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Power, this is the word for the Rabbit Vibrator, those little ears can make your clit dance beneath them.

It is equipped with at seven inch shaft so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the rabbit ears are actually going to be able to be in contact with your clit.

Everything is in the base of the vibrator so you don’t have to search around for such things as the controller or the battery compartment. Once the vibrator is inserted, the control buttons are in the best position for use.

This well thought out little device is very functional, while the rabbit ears provide constant stimulation, the pearls swirl about within the shaft and the head rotates.

  • On setting two, the rabbit ears move to intermittent vibrations to tease your clit while the head rotates clockwise and then counter clockwise and the pearls twirl. During all of this, the intensity of the rabbit ears and the rotation of the shaft is completely controllable by you.
  • On function three, the rabbit ears switch to a series of short quick pulses while the pearls swirl in a dizzying dance and the head sways.

You can control all these functions with the easy reach buttons. With all this activity, you would expect the Rabbit to be noisy but your expectation will be wrong, it’s discretely quiet.

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