Our anuses are misunderstood. Loaded with nerve endings, the anus is a definite source of sexual pleasure — once you get past the aesthetic and cultural issues.

According to every recent sex survey, millions of men and women enjoy sexual pleasure involving their anus. Millions more are curious. A few simple facts can enlighten everyone.

Anal play can involve gently stimulating the opening, inserting something into the first half-inch of the rectum or going much further in — with or without vigorous movement. Some people dislike all three, some like one of these, while others like all of them.

The only way to know your partner’s preference is to ask. If you want to experiment with your partner, discuss it when you’re feeling close.

The three most important aspects of anal sex are lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. Use plenty before and during. Equally important is the initial speed, which should be slightly slower than a snail’s pace. Think of this not as an obstacle, but rather as an exotic, sexy part of the experience.

A person on the receiving end should keep relaxing the anal muscles from start to finish. You should communicate with your partner to ensure that any discomfort is immediately relieved, and that he or she feels safe and connected.

Anal stimulation can be combined with other activities: stroking the clitoris, inserting something into the vagina, massaging the prostate, role-playing or spanking.

Because the anus is part of a waste elimination system, care must be taken with bacteria. Never slip a finger, toy or penis from the anus into the vagina. And be careful with fingernails, jewelry and large penises.

Anal play is a time-honored activity that provides couples who communicate well an extra venue for their erotic exploration. You can’t get pregnant from it, which may be a bonus. And a few women consider it the primary way they climax.

Only you, of course, can decide if it’s something you want to explore.


  • Some people like anal sex because it feels naughty or taboo, a perfectly good reason.
  • There are specially shaped vibrators and dildos for anal play.
  • No matter how excited you are, never have anal play without plenty of lube. You could endanger yourself and not realize it until days later.


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130304 beautiful body Dual Shock: Manipulating the Clitoris And the G Spot At The Same TimeThere are many ways to please a woman in the bedroom, and one of the most thrilling is to manipulate both the G spot and the clitoris at the same time. A lot of men have trouble doing this for their partner, and even some women who like to enjoy their own pleasure have difficulty doing this. It takes practice, and quite a few people are embarrassed to practice anything like that. If you want to do something correctly, though, you can’t expect that to happen the first time. Practice is needed, and with a willing partner, practice can be fun. As long as you don’t get so focused on one thing that you forget to just enjoy the way things feel, you can both have a good time with this kind of experimentation. First, get comfortable with both areas separately. If you can give her a clitoral orgasm or a G spot orgasm, you’re pretty comfortable with those areas.

Next, take things slow. Don’t be in a hurry and end up fumbling around, looking for things that you used to be able to find without a problem. Instead, focus on moving slowly and really enjoying the experience. Find the G spot first, because it can be elusive. Once you’ve located it, stimulate the clitoris as well. You can generally do this with your thumb, or you can use your other hand if you prefer. Whatever works best for you and your partner is perfectly fine, and that’s what you should be focused on.

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549609 back Clitoris Or G Spot: Which Is More Important To A Womans Orgasm?There is a bit of a debate among women as to whether the clitoris or the G spot is better for having an orgasm. Many women say that they have stronger, more intense, and more satisfying orgasms when their G spot is stimulated, but not every woman feels that way, and not every woman has had a G spot orgasm. These are more difficult to attain for a lot of women, whether with their partner or on their own. The clitoral orgasm is more easily attainable and also more common – and can be very intense for a lot of women. Any orgasm varies, too, and can be more intense or less intense from one time to the next, depending on how much foreplay was involved, how aroused and interested in sex the woman already was, and other factors.

The most important thing to remember with an orgasm, whether for yourself or for your partner, is that each person is different in what they like and don’t like, as well as what they’re comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong with either a G spot orgasm or a clitoral orgasm, and either one can be very satisfying, so a woman shouldn’t feel uncomfortable if she likes one type more than another or if she finds that one type is more easily attainable for her. Some women report that they can’t seem to have G spot orgasms but they can certainly have a clitoral orgasm, so their options are a little more limited. That doesn’t mean, though, that they can’t have a fulfilling and exciting sex life that works for them and for their partner.

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