159562 party hats Do Condoms Get In The Way? Prophylactics and the G SpotThe main complaint that men have about condoms is that they get in the way, or that they don’t feel the same. That might be a little bit true, but they make a lot of condoms today that are very thin and that feel much more natural. They also make non-latex condoms for people who want a more natural feel and for people who have a latex allergy, but those kinds of condoms won’t protect you against STDs, so it’s important to know your partner well if you’re going to use that kind of condom. As for hitting the G spot, though, there’s no evidence that a condom will hinder that. Some of them are ribbed or have other protrusions, and these can actually work better because they often put a little more pressure on the vaginal walls, thus making it more likely that the G spot will be stimulated.

If you want to find the G spot and you’re concerned that a condom might be hindering that, you can put that fear to rest. Condoms will help to protect you and your partner from disease and unwanted pregnancies and they should be worn, especially with a new partner. Don’t let fears of not being able to please her stop you from protecting yourself and your health, and don’t believe the hype that condoms will impede having an orgasm at all or reaching the G spot. There are many myths that surround the elusive G spot, and the condom myth is one of them.

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