723757 womans midsection 8 Different Strokes:  Everyone Is Built Differently, Learn Your PartnerThe idea that all men and all women are built the same is silly. Of course the basic anatomical ideas are the same, but each person is just a little bit different. If you’re with a new partner, it’s very important that you learn what he or she wants and needs. Some people are smaller or larger than others, and that’s true of the size of a woman’s vagina as well as the size of a man’s penis. Some people also like things more aggressive and others prefer to remain gentle and take things slowly. If you’re comfortable enough to have sex with your new partner you should be comfortable enough to talk to that person about his or her needs, as well. Communication can be very sexy, and it can make things go much better during that first encounter and all of the encounters that come after.

It’s a great thing to be able to talk openly and honestly with your partner about sex, because it shows maturity, and it also shows that you care about your partner and what he or she has to say. Feelings do matter, even if some people are only interested in the physical gratification. For those who are in relationships or who just want to make sure that they actually please the people they get involved with, remembering that everyone is different can help them along. Just because your last partner liked something doesn’t mean that your new partner will, and keeping that in mind can keep things in the bedroom much, much better.

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