723739 womans midsection 1 Things You Didn’t Learn In Health Class: Dr. Ernst GrafenbergWhen you went to health class in school you were taught the basics of sex – and it was probably really embarrassing. One thing you probably didn’t hear about, though, was the G spot and it’s discoverer, Dr. Ernst Grafenberg. Dr. Grafenberg gets credit for locating that special spot, which is why it’s been named for him. It’s a small area on the inside of the vaginal wall, about two inches in from the vaginal opening. When stimulated, it can produce intense orgasms in many women. Other women don’t seem to get the same feeling from it, but there’s always a possibility that they (or their partner) are simply not hitting the right area or using the right amount of pressure. Since the G spot is difficult to find for a lot of people, it can be frustrating and upsetting if things don’t go as planned.

When looking for the G spot, whether a woman is doing this on her own or whether a partner is doing the exploring, patience is necessary. When you’re with a partner, communication is one of the key things that you have to focus on. If you can’t talk to one another about what to try, what feels good, and what isn’t working for you, there’s little point and you could end up upset with one another over something that should have been a very enjoyable experience. To avoid that, pay attention to what Dr. Grafenberg said about that special spot so that you’ll have the highest chance of finding it and making it work for you or for your partner.

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