371275 condom  path 001 Pushing The Right Buttons: Know ALL Her Erogenous Zones, Including The G SpotThe G spot is the Holy Grail when it comes to erogenous zones, but it’s not the only area that should be getting attention. People focus on it because it’s been said that it’s hard to find. It’s also been said that a woman can get much better, more intense orgasms by stimulating her G spot, or by having a partner stimulate it. That’s not always the case, though, because some women don’t react to the G spot in the same way. If you want to really please your partner, don’t make the G spot your primary focus. Instead, make sure that you’re paying attention to all of her erogenous zones and remember that every woman is different. What feels sexy to her might not appeal as much to another woman. There’s nothing wrong with asking what she likes, either. It’s a great way to find out what you should be doing less of and what you should be focusing on.

In addition to the G spot, the clitoris is another area that’s very sensitive. A lot of women find that they can have an orgasm much more easily with clitoral stimulation than they can by trying to find their G spot, so that’s important. Don’t feel like the vaginal area is the only place that you can focus, because the breasts are very sensitive as well, and so is the neck area. If you listen to what your partner is expressing verbally, pay attention to subtle changes like her breathing, and take time to explore every area of her body you can more easily find all of her erogenous zones and the ones that she seems to enjoy the most.

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