How can you get closer to the one you’re with? By understanding the many ways to ignite intimacy.

Intimacy takes many forms: verbal, physical, sexual, spiritual, says Klein. A relationship is all the more powerful — and intimate — when it features more than one of these forms.

Begin your exploration of intimacy with the verbal variety. There are two revealing questions you must first ask of yourself, and then a third you must ask of a loved one.

Once you’ve considered your feelings about getting close, you’re ready to hear the truth about intimacy. Everyone from Oprah to your best friend to Aunt Mabel has a different definition of it, and they’re not always right.

After you put the myths about intimacy aside, you’re ready to draw your partner closer. Spend time getting to know your partner’s dreams and desires. Learn to nurture your relationship, and you’ll keep the sparks flying.

Enough talking. Isn’t sex a part of intimacy? Our readers want to know and we have the answer.

If there’s one thing sure to spoil intimacy, it’s jealously. While occasional pangs of the stuff are natural in most loving relationships,persistent jealously will put out the flame in hearts once afire.

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Men often worry (although they usually won’t readily admit it) about whether they are pleasing their woman in bed. If 939233 love in a cave 3 Signs It’s A Real Orgasmyou’re one of those men who are concerned about this, and you don’t feel comfortable just asking her about what she needs and wants, you can look for these three sure signs that she’s having a real orgasm and not just faking it. First, a real orgasm causes contractions and spasms of the vaginal wall, and faking it won’t produce that. Second, the idea of ‘hot, sweaty sex’ isn’t just a metaphor – women usually do break out in at least a light sweat right before or during orgasm. Third, breathing and heart rate go up. It’s a natural reaction of the body, but it’s also important to remember that all women are different.

Just because you don’t notice all of these signs, though, doesn’t mean that she didn’t really have an orgasm. Because each woman is different and reacts to stimulation differently, some women may hold their breath instead of breathing hard, some may be noisy while others are quite, and other differences. As long as you and your partner are enjoying each other, there’s really no need to have an orgasm every time. If you can be open and honest about sex and you can communicate well with one another, that’s all that you need. Communication and honesty is important, so that you don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong if she doesn’t have an orgasm every time you make love.

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1069414 gender symbols How To Be Sure She’s Not Faking ItIf you’re a man, you probably either think that you’ve never been with a woman who has faked her orgasm or you’re concerned that all women might be faking their orgasms. If you’re worried about the latter of these two issues, you probably have some self-esteem issues that are relate to those fears and trepidations. Women do sometimes fake orgasms, but it’s usually not because of something that the man is doing wrong. It’s usually because things just aren’t happening for her and she wants to spare the man’s feelings. However, there are some things you can look for in order to judge whether she’s faking it, or it’s for real. If she’s really having an orgasm, there will be vaginal spasms and contractions. Her heart rate will increase, and her pounding heart is a good sign it’s for real.

Her nipples will generally harden, her breathing will get faster, and her pupils will dilate. Women are often satiated after an orgasm, too, and they aren’t interested in jumping right up and doing something else. All women are different, though, and some of them really are energized after sex. If that’s your only ‘warning sign’ and all of the other signs indicated that she was actually having an orgasm, she probably wasn’t faking anything. Even if you still think she was faking, right after sex isn’t the time to ask about it, and it’s important to remember that she has her reasons. If you ask her about it (not usually a good idea) do it in a non-confrontational manner at another time.

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