Female ‘ejaculation’ really isn’t that different from male ejaculation in feelings and sensations. It will take a woman longer to get to that point because she is more emotionally based and needs more emotional stimulation as well as physical caressing and ‘foreplay’. If a woman does not have any moisture in her nether regions she is not ready for the next step.

Once a woman is fully stimulated you will know it by her emotional and physical reactions to you.

Arousal for a woman may take longer and intercourse may need to last longer for a woman to orgasm than for a man, but the feelings are very similar in nature:

  1. As the woman becomes more and more stimulated, her clitoris and vaginal walls become very sensitive, almost to sort of a ticklish state.
  2. As the sensitivity grows, an excitement begins welling within her.
  3. The excitement continues to well up and her body movements will become more accentuated and her breathing will be stronger.
  4. The welling continues to rise within her as she is constantly stimulated.
  5. Finally she orgasms much like the crest of a wave breaking before moving towards the shore.
  6. The orgasm will send spasms of euphoria through her body as her sexual organs contract over and over again around eight times a second.
  7. As the orgasm settles in, her body will relax down and relax further into a state of well-being.

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540757 anonymous Pay Attention to Your (Her) Body LanguageBody language is important in all kinds of situations, from business to social to sexual. Just like you can tell she’s unhappy if her head is cocked her arms are folded and she’s tapping her foot, you can learn to read her sexual signals so you can give her more pleasure. If she seems uncomfortable with something you’re doing, she probably is uncomfortable, and it might be time to try something else. Don’t just ask her if she’s uncomfortable, because she’s more likely to give you the answer you want to hear, instead of saying how she really feels. You don’t want that, because open and honest communication is something that you should always focus on in any relationship, and that’s true for the bedroom, as well.

You should be able to tell when you’re doing something that she really likes, too, by the way she breathes, the way she touches you, and other indications. Noises and comments are very helpful, but if she’s not one to talk or otherwise be vocal during love making, that’s not necessarily a sign that she’s not enjoying things. Some women are simply quieter than others. If your woman is one of the quiet ones, learning to read her body language can help you to bring her more pleasure and keep her happy and satisfied. The two of you should be able to talk to one another, but when you’re in the middle of a passionate encounter, asking too many questions could put a damper on the mood. It’s better to read her body language during that time, instead.

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