Not so limber as you used to be, however just as sexually motivated? You don’t have to give up sex just because your body isn’t as willing as it used to be.

The ‘missionary position’ can be hard, especially on people with hip problems or arthritis pain in the hips, knees, legs and arms.

This is especially true for the male counterpart since in this position he does almost all of the work associated with intercourse.

  • If the female of the pair is the one that is not so limber as she once was, take a position of both partners lying on their sides, the man behind the woman and the woman with a pillow between her knees.
  • Another position for the woman is to lay on her back with her knees together, a pillow tucked under her hips and thighs.
  • If the man has back problems, try adopting a position laying on your sides, facing one another. In this position, both parties can participate in the ‘work’ and this will make intercourse easier and more enjoyable for the man suffering back pain.
  • If both have physical limberness issues, a good position is standing with the woman bent over a piece of furniture that is the correct height for balance and support. This will give freer range of movement and the man won’t be using his back as much as he would in the traditional position.

There are many positions that partners can have sex in, some very adventuresome. Open your mind and try new things, you may find a position that works just right.

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Are you a man that believes he knows everything about a female orgasm?

You may not know as much as you think. Many men believe their wives are happily enjoying orgasms during their sexual encounters but many women are doing nothing of a kind. If your sexual encounters consist of:

  1. A little bit of foreplay . . .
  2. Then hopping onboard and having sexual intercourse for a little while (maybe you hold off your own orgasm for a while). . .
  3. Having your orgasm, your body enjoying waves of euphoria spasming through you. . .
  4. and at the same time you see your partner is breathing heavy and making all sorts of enjoyable moaning sounds . . .

It is a good guess that you believe your partner is also having an orgasm.

In all probability, if the intercourse was a short period and there was little or no foreplay, your partner is not having an orgasm. She may be excited and she may be enjoying the intercourse, but it’s not likely that she is actually having an orgasm.She may even be faking one in order to give you full gratification, however, she is still not likely having one herself.

A woman takes much more emotional and physical ‘foreplay’ before she has the possibility of having an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

During sexual intercourse alone, the simple fact is that her clitoris does not receive enough stimulation to build up to an orgasm, and because she is more emotionally based, her emotions also have to be onboard.

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Female ‘ejaculation’ really isn’t that different from male ejaculation in feelings and sensations. It will take a woman longer to get to that point because she is more emotionally based and needs more emotional stimulation as well as physical caressing and ‘foreplay’. If a woman does not have any moisture in her nether regions she is not ready for the next step.

Once a woman is fully stimulated you will know it by her emotional and physical reactions to you.

Arousal for a woman may take longer and intercourse may need to last longer for a woman to orgasm than for a man, but the feelings are very similar in nature:

  1. As the woman becomes more and more stimulated, her clitoris and vaginal walls become very sensitive, almost to sort of a ticklish state.
  2. As the sensitivity grows, an excitement begins welling within her.
  3. The excitement continues to well up and her body movements will become more accentuated and her breathing will be stronger.
  4. The welling continues to rise within her as she is constantly stimulated.
  5. Finally she orgasms much like the crest of a wave breaking before moving towards the shore.
  6. The orgasm will send spasms of euphoria through her body as her sexual organs contract over and over again around eight times a second.
  7. As the orgasm settles in, her body will relax down and relax further into a state of well-being.

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