The vulva, otherwise known as the female external genitalia, vary in shape, size & appearance from women to women. In general, genitals vary from person to person. Different people’s genitals are similar enough that they perform the same functions but different enough to be uniquely yours.

Most noticeable of the physical differences between women and men is the fact that the male genitals are in full view, while the most important parts of the female external genitalia can be seen only if the woman spreads her legs wide.

Female Genitals

vulva female external genitilia Anatomy Of The Vulva: Female External Genitalia

Anatomy of the Vulva

The entire area of the external female genital anatomy is called the Vulva. You can look at your vulva by holding a mirror between your legs. The Mons, a name that comes from the Latin mons veneris means mound of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, is the area of fatty tissue that forms a soft mound over the pubic bone. The mons is covered by skin and pubic hair.

The Labia Majora, or Outer Lips, extend from the mons to the anus. They cover the urinary and vaginal openings and are in turn covered by pubic hair. The Labia Minora, or Inner Lips, are delicate folds of moist skin that lie inside the outer lips, although they can protrude beyond them. They extend from just above the clitoris to below the vaginal opening. They vary in size and form in each woman.

The Clitoris is an exquisitely sensitive organ that lies just under the mons. It is covered by the inner lips which can be gently pushed back to reveal the tip (the head or glans). The rest of the clitoris can be seen because it extends inside the body. The clitoris is extremely sensitive to stimulation and when stimulated it becomes erect. Although direct stimulation of the tip of the clitoris is pleasurable for some women it is uncomfortable and even painful for others. The Urinary Opening is just under the clitoris. It is the outer part of the urethra, the tube from the bladder.

The Vaginal Opening is located behind the urinary opening. During sexual stimulation erectile tissue on both sides of the vagina become engorged with blood. The whole area becomes moist. The pelvic muscles contract and relax during orgasm. One- to two-thirds of the vaginal opening is covered with the Hymen until this is broken by intercourse or penetration or another object or even bicycle or horseback riding.

The Vagina lies between the urethra and the rectum. Unless a woman is sexually stimulated the walls of the vagina touch each other. When a woman is sexually aroused a slippery liquid is produced and the vagina opens, or enlarges. The vagina can open as much as to facilitate the passage of a baby, therefore there is no such thing as a penis too large for a woman’s vagina.

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