The original Jack Rabbit seems to be one of the most celebrity endorsed Rabbit vibrators in the world.

The Vibratex Original Jack Rabbit Pearl Vibrator is so high on the popularity charts that it has spawned an insurgence of countless numbers of cheaper imitations.

  • This dual action vibrator as a respectable 7.2 inch shaft that includes a compartment filled with dancing pearls at its base.
  • These pearls stimulate and massage the vaginal walls while the Rabbit is fully inserted.
  • The Rabbit for which it is named has a set of mischievous ears that tickle and stimulate your clitoris unmercifully.

This is not a slim-line vibrator by any means, it is rather substantial in it’s stature but this is part of its charm.

It is powerfully strong and can super-stimulate when you wish it to.

When you get ready to use this vibrator for the first time, it would be a good idea to use all the different settings and intensities on your stomach or your inner thighs before you insert it and set it on its highest setting.

This is a quiet machine, however if you start it on the highest setting without ever having used it before,  the noise you will make embedding yourself into the ceiling will not be so quiet and it might be a little uncomfortable coming up with an explanation.

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The Wild G Spot Vibrator has been described over and over again with one sentence, or should I say question, and that question is ‘who needs a man’.

The Go Anywhere Toy

This little toy is water proof and battery operated, so it can go basically anywhere you feel like having a little sexual stimulation, or even more than just a little sexual stimulation.

Use It In The Bathtub

How about laying back in a hot bath, with mounds of crisp white bubbles tickling your nose, while the Wild G Spot Vibrator tickles your delicate nether-regions, sending you gyrating slowly to its influence, the bath bubbles moving in soft telltale waves?

In The Shower

Or, how about standing in the shower, the hot steamy water dappling your skin, running down your body leaving a warm shine in its path, you lift your face to meet the spray of warm wet pliable crystals . . .

  • Your body shivers, though the water keeps it warm, trembles run though you like waves climbing a beach.
  • Your clitoris is hot with fire and a buoyancy that feels you might lift through the ceiling.
  • Your lips and inner surfaces are gently massaged and vibrated, lifting your level of excitement to a bursting point as you steady yourself in the stall, your body raging with trembles of anticipation….

If you want the rest of the story, you will want to purchase The Wild G Spot Vibe.

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Ease of Use

In the series Sex in the City, this little pink bunny captivated Charlotte York so completely that it just about turn her into a recluse.

A First Time For Everything

This was her first vibrator and the show did a wonderful job of portraying the feelings and reactions of a young woman when she has her first experiences with such a device.

This was one of the most watched programs globally as this young lady went from being a vibrator virgin to an experienced addict in a very short period of time.

The Rabbit As A Gift

The way the Rabbit came into her possession is that her friend Miranda Hobbs, having heard that she was not having much in the way of sexual excitement due to her divorce, presented her with the gift so she wouldn’t be missing out on any sexual release in an already stressful situation.

What happened following the presentation was not what she had expected.

The seclusion and addiction got so strong that they had an ‘intervention’ of sorts where they broke into her room and released her from the vibrator’s grip.

The Design Is What Wins

In truth, this little vibrator is designed quite well for its job and is therefore quite capable of capturing a young lady’s excitement and enthusiasm.

It is well thought out and well made with the biology of a woman first and foremost taken into consideration with the design.

It is bound to be of great enjoyment and sexual satisfaction for any woman who finds herself lucky enough to be in the possession of one.0 Love Sex and the City?

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