Hitting the G-Spot isn’t only possible by masturbating with sex toys specifically designed for that sole use.  There are ways in which you can stimulate this allusive sex spot and here we have a few ways in which you can increase your chance of hitting the G-Spot whilst making love with your partner.

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Get on Top

Get on top

One of the best sexual positions to achieve G-Spot stimulation is when you get on top of your man.  When the penis is fully inserted it is then up to you to position yourself in order to get maximum pleasure.  If your partner’s penis has a natural upward bend in it then you will find things a lot easier, but it not don’t despair.  It’s all usually about the way in which you move.  If you lean back a little and then forward you may be able to bend him slightly to get him in the right spot.  It also helps to push against the outside of the vagina, on above the pubic bone, just as you would do during masturbation.

Do it “doggy style”

This is another good position to achieve G-Spot stimulation, although it isn’t always as effective as being on top.  This one depends a little more on you man knowing what you want to achieve, and actually knowing in which direction he needs to apply pressure; so you will need to direct him.  He needs to be a little higher than usual so that he can push his penis slightly down has he enters you, in order to come into contact with the front wall of the Vagina.


If you want to achieve G-Spot stimulation in this position then it’s very difficult unless as I mentioned earlier, your partner has a bent penis.  Another way is to prop up your hips with some pillows to allow the penis to target the desired area.

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    This toy is pure heft at 1.5 pounds of stainless surgical steel wrapped pleasure. The trouble with many fixed curve vibrators is that the curve isn’t correct.

    This isn’t true with the Pure Wand, as it allows you to easily lay back and still get it into the correct position to come into contact with the G-spot for stimulation.

    The real nice thing about this particular toy is it doesn’t look like a sex toy at all. There is nothing in it’s shape that is remotely reminiscent of male gentiles.

    It is a sleek shiny instrument of pleasure that comes in its own ‘jewelry’ box.

    • The device has two different size bulbous ends so you can choose which one performs best, it is made of metal so it won’t bend and certainly won’t break.
    • The weight of the device comes into play literally when you are interacting with it, making it much easier to get the sensations you desire with a minimal of pressure.
    • Because it is rigid, you don’t have to keep trying to maneuver it into position while it flexes.
    • Where you move it is exactly where it is going to go.
    • This is a precise little device that is fully capable of providing the stimulation you desire, it is non porous so it’s easy to clean and the shape of it gives you basically a handle to move it around with.

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    There are not a large number of men that want to take the time to become proficient lovers, men that know what to do and how to do it in order to help his partner reach orgasm during sexual encounters.

    If you are one of these men, you are likely to be in high demand.

    • The ‘G-spot’ is located inside the vagina and it is interlaced with a bundle of sensitive nerve endings.
    • It engorges with blood when a woman is sexually excited.
    • The G-spot is on the top wall of the vagina, not too far from the vaginal opening.
    • It is somewhat of a ridged area so being able to locate it might be more satisfying for you too.

    The best way to locate it to begin with is with your fingers, most women will not have an issue with this process, in fact they may find it quite enjoyable. You will want to insert your first two fingers pointed in an upward position and turn them clockwise little bits at a time.

    The woman should be able to let you know immediately when you have reached your target.

    Once you have found it, if you want to tease a little, curl your fingers as if you are calling someone to you. The repetitive curling motion is bound to send ripples of pleasure through here that you will probably be able to feel.

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